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Star Trek: The Card Game, Starfleet Maneuvers - Fleer/Skybox, 1996
Star Trek - The Card Game, Starfleet Manuevers
Starfleet Maneuvers was released as the first expansion to the Star Trek: The Card Game in 1996. This set covers the first half of Star Trek: The Original Series Season Two and followed the same style and format as its prdecessor. This set is difficult to complete as there were a few Very Rare and Rare cards which seemed to be inserted much less often than others of the same rarity. Harry Mudd was to be featured on a card but his family would not allow his likeness to be used, so SkyBox substituted this with the common Tribbles card.

Copyright Line (The Card Game) - TM & © 1996 Paramount Pictures, Distributed by Fleer/SkyBox International.™
Manufacturer Date of release Production run Packs per box Cards per pack Card size
Fleer/SkyBox 1996 ??? Boosters - 36 15 2½" x 3½"
Title Rarity
Akuta Common
Alice Series Android Common
Captain Koloth Common
Colonel Fellini Common
Companion Common
Eleen Common
Feeders of Vaal Common
Jarvis Common
Korax Common
Korob Common
Mirror Marlena Common
Nilz Baris Common
Norman Common
Redjac Common
Stella Common
Sylvia Common
Teer Akaar Common
Tribbles™ (Insignia) Common
Zombie Crew Common
Arne Darvin Common2
Giant Black Cat Common2
Maab Common2
Commodore Matt Decker Uncommon
Deadly Flora Uncommon
T'Pau Uncommon
Tribbles™ (Phaser) Uncommon
Tribbles™ (Vulcan Hand) Uncommon
Apollo Rare
Mirror Chekov™ Rare
Mirror Spock™ Rare
Mirror Sulu™ Rare
Vaal Rare
T'Pring Very Rare
Ensign Freeman Common
Lieutenant Jackson Common
Lieutenant Singh Common
Number One Common
Yeoman Colt Common
Lieutenant Palmer Common2
Ensign Hendorf Uncommon
Ensign Montgomery Uncommon
Lieutenant Carolyn Palamas Uncommon
Lieutenant Hanson Uncommon
Lieutenant José Tyler Uncommon
Lieutenant Karen Tracy Uncommon
Lieutenant Rowe Uncommon
Admiral Komack Rare
Captain Ramart Rare
Lieutenant Kaplan Rare
Lieutenant Marlena Moreau Rare
Lieutenant Washburn Rare
Captain Christopher Pike Very Rare
Commodore Stocker Very Rare
Lieutenant Chip Carter Very Rare
Lieutenant Ron Perazza Very Rare
Lieutenant Steve Domzalski Very Rare
Lieutenant Tonia Barrows Very Rare
Nurse Cheryl Thomas Very Rare
The Trouble With Tribbles Common
Wolf In The Fold Common
Who Mourns For Adonais? Common2
Amok Time Uncommon
Mirror, Mirror Uncommon
The Changeling Rare
The Deadly Years Rare
Catspaw Very Rare
Friday's Child Very Rare
I, Mudd Very Rare
Metamorphosis Very Rare
The Apple Very Rare
The Doomsday Machine Very Rare
Ahn-woon Common
Kligat Common
Lirpa Common
Plate of Gems Common
Redjak's Knife Common
Sonic Pulse Common
Native Club Common2
Plomeek Soup Common2
Quadrotriticale Common2
Taunt Common2
Adrenaline Rare
Agonizer Rare
Highly Illogical Behavior Rare
Universal Translator Rare
Verifier Rare
Mirror, Mirror Common
The Deadly Years Common
Amok Time Uncommon
Friday's Child Uncommon
Metamorphosis Uncommon
The Apple Uncommon
The Changeling Uncommon
The Trouble with Tribbles Uncommon
Wolf In The Fold Rare
Catspaw Very Rare
I, Mudd Very Rare
The Doomsday Machine Very Rare
Who Mourns For Adonais? Very Rare
Permanent Wild
Agony Booth Common
Asteroid Yonada Common
Warning Beacon Common
Apollo's Shrine Uncommon
Botany Bay Uncommon
Captain's Chair Uncommon
Engineering Room Uncommon
Magnetic Storm Uncommon
Science Station Uncommon
Sick Bay Uncommon
Star Charts Uncommon
Tholian Web Uncommon
Aurora Rare
Central Control Rare
Planet Killer Rare
Tantalus Field Rare
Klingon™ Battle Cruiser Very Rare
Orion Smugglers Very Rare
Romulan™ Neutral Zone Very Rare
Top Security Brig Very Rare
The Apple Common
Catspaw Uncommon
I, Mudd Uncommon
The Doomsday Machine Uncommon
Who Mourns For Adonais? Uncommon
Wolf In The Fold Uncommon
Amok Time Rare
Metamorphosis Rare
Friday's Child Very Rare
Mirror, Mirror Very Rare
The Changeling Very Rare
The Deadly Years Very Rare
The Trouble with Tribbles Very Rare
Android Overload Uncommon
Code 2 Uncommon
Masiform D Uncommon
Sympathetic Magic Uncommon
Transmuter Uncommon
Antigrav Units Rare
Argelian Empathic Contact Rare
Bows and Arrows Rare
Cavalry Arrives Rare
Competency Hearing Rare
Cultural Taboo Rare
Friendly Welcome Rare
Kal–If–Fee Rare
Magnesite–Nitron Tablet Rare
Manual Override Rare
Neural Paralyzer Rare
Plak–tow Rare
Pon farr Rare
Suicide Mission Rare
Transporter Swap Rare
Advanced Aging Very Rare
Clean Slate Very Rare
Reeducation Very Rare
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