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DC - Star Trek Specials
Issue 1 - Blaise of Glory; The Needs of the One Issue 2 - Raise the Defiant; A Question of Loyalty

"Blaise of Glory" 38pp
Peter A. David
Penciller: Rod Whigham
Inker: Arne Starr

"The Needs of the One" 18pp
Mike Collins
Penciller: Mike Collins
Inker: Terry Pallot

Cover Artist:
Bill Sienkiewicz
Cover Price: $3.50
Issue Date: Spring 1994

DC Star Trek Special #1 "Raise the Defiant" 30pp
Kevin J. Ryan
Penciller: Chris Wozniak
Inker: Jeff Hollander

"A Question of Loyalty" 27pp
Steven H. Wilson
Penciller: Rachel Ketchum
Inker: Rich Faber

Cover Artist: Dan Curry
Cover Price: $3.95
Issue Date: Winter 1994
DC Star Trek Special #2
Issue 3 - The Unforgiven; Echoes of Yesterday  

"The Unforgiven" 30pp
Michael Jan Friedman
Pencillers: Steve Erwin
Inkers: Jimmy Palmiotti

"Echoes of Yesterday" 28pp
Mark A. Altman
Pencillers: Ken Save
Inkers: Ron Boyd

Cover Artist: Nicholas Jainschigg
Cover Price: $3.95
Issue Date: Winter 1995

DC Star Trek Special #3    
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