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Links to Rich Handley's excellent Star Trek comic articles on the Hero Collector website.

This list will be updated as soon as possible after new articles are posted.

The following are links to articles on the Hero Collector website

Weekly articles chronicling the history of Star Trek comics starting in May 2019

1: Introduction 22 May 2019 Setting the scene for a wonderful series of articles
2: Gold Key, 1967-1970 29 May 2019 The first eight Issues of the franchises very first comic-book line from Gold Key
3: Gold Key, 1971-1972 5 June 2019 Issues #9–16 of the Gold Key series
4: Gold Key, 1973-1975 12 June 2019 Issues #17–28 of the Gold Key series
5: Gold Key, 1975-1976 19 June 2019 Issues #30–41 of the Gold Key series
6: Gold Key, 1977-1978 26 June 2019 Issues #42–53 of the Gold Key series
7: Gold Key, 1976-1979 3 July 2019 The final eight issues, #45-61, of the Gold Key run
8: UK Comic Strips, 1969-1979 10 July 2019 Includes 257 issues of, 'Joe 90: Top Secret', 'TV21 & Joe 90', 'TV21', and 'Valiant and TV21' comic strips plus a range of annuals and even an issue of Radio Times
9: Children's Toys, Fotonovels, and More, 1974-1982 24 July 2019 Kenner Toys', Power Records, McDonalds, Laramie, Mandala & Bantam Books, and Enterprise Incidents included in this eclectic bunch
10: LA Times Syndicate, 1979-1981 31 July 2019 The first eight newspaper strip story arcs all written and drawn by Thomas Warkentin, published between 2 December 1979 and 25 April 1981
11: LA Times Syndicate, 1981-1983 7 August 2019 Story arcs 9-20 of the newspaper strips penned by various writers and artists
12: Marvel Comics, 1980 14 August 2019 Marvel's Super Special Magazine #15 adapting Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Star Trek monthly issues #1–9 which includes a three part adapation of The Motion Picture in issues #1–3
13: Marvel Comics, 1981–1982 21 August 2019 Marvlel Comics Star Trek monthly issues #10–18
14: DC Comics, 1984 28 August 2019 Star Trek 1st Series monthly issues #1–8, and the Star Trek III: The Search for Spock movie adaptation
15: DC Comics, 1984–1985 4 September 2019 Star Trek 1st Series monthly issues #9–16 "New Frontiers" story arc
16: DC Comics, 1985–1986 11 September 2019 Star Trek 1st Series monthly issues #21–32 (during which James T. Kirk commanded the USS Excelsior, while Spock captained the USS Surak) and DC's second annual
17: DC Comics, 1986–1987   Star Trek 1st Series monthly issues #33–42, along with the Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home movie adaptation
18: DC Comics, 1987–1988   Star Trek 1st Series monthly issues #43–45
19: DC Comics, 1988   Star Trek 1st Series monthly issues #46–56, as well as the first Star Trek annual "Retrospect"
20: DC Comics, 1989–1990   Star Trek 2nd Series monthly issues #1–12, as well as DC's first Star Trek annual and the Star Trek V: The Final Frontier movie adaptation
21: DC Comics, 1989–1990   Star Trek: The Next Generation monthly issues #1–12, as well as the first annual
22: DC Comics, 1990–1991   Star Trek 2nd Series monthly issues #13–24, as well as DC's second Star Trek annual
23: DC Comics, 1990–1991   Star Trek: The Next Generation monthly issues #13–24
24: DC Comics, 1991   Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation The Modala Imperative crossover miniseries
25: DC Comics, 1990–1992   Star Trek 2nd Series monthly issues #25–34, as well as DC's third Star Trek annual and its adaptation of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
26: DC Comics, 1992   Star Trek graphic novel Debt of Honor
27: DC Comics, 1991–1992   Star Trek: The Next Generation monthly issues #25–35, as well as annual #2
28: DC Comics, 1992–1993   Star Trek 2nd series monthly issues #35–48 and annuual #4
29: DC Comics, 1992–1993   Star Trek: The Next Generation monthly issues #36–46, as well as annual #3
30: DC Comics, 1993–1994   Star Trek 2nd series monthly issues #49–60 and DC's first Star Trek Special
31: DC Comics, 1993–1994   Star Trek: The Next Generation monthly issues #47–58, as well as annual #4 and special #1)
32: Unlicensed International Comics, 1970s–1990s   Weird, wonderful and sometimes quite good unlicensed comics from arouund the world.
33: Malibu Comics, 1993–1994   Malibu's first steps into Trek with Deep Space Nine monthly issues #1-10
34: DC Comics, 1994–1995   Star Trek series 2 monthly issues #61–68, along with Special #2 and Star Trek Annual #5
35: DC Comics, 1994–1995   Star Trek: The Next Generation monthly issues #59–70 and the Star Trek Generations movie adaptation
36: Malibu Comics, 1994   Deep Space Nine monthly issues #11–16, as well as the Hearts and Minds miniseries
37: DC Comics and Malibu Comics, 1994–1995   DC's ST:TNG: Shadowheart, a four-part miniseries, their fifth Star Trek: The Next Generation annual, their second The Next Generation special, and the DC and Malibu Deep Space Nine/The Next Generation, four-issue crossover miniseries 
38: Multiple Publishers [unpublished tales], 1967–1995   Unpublished stories from numerous publishers between 1967 and 1995
39: Malibu Comics, 1994–1995   Deep Space Nine monthly issues #17-20 and the miniseries The Maquis: Soldier of Peace
40: DC Comics, 1995   Star Trek series 2 monthly issues #76–80, along with the graphic noovel The Ashes of Eden
41: Malibu Comics, 1995   Deep Space Nine monthly issues #21–28
42: International Comics, 1973–1985   Licensed Trek comics produced in Germany and Brazil
43: DC Star Trek TNG Comics, 1995–1996   TNG monthly issues #71–75,
44: DC Star Trek Comics, 1995–1996   TOS series 2 monthly issues #76–80, along with Star Trek Special #3
45: Malibu Comics, 1994–1995   Spectacular 64-Page Annual #1, as well as three of its special issues: Lightstorm #1, Terok Nor #0, and Deep Space Nine Special #1
46: DC Comics, 1995–1996   TNG monthly issues #76–80, as well as DC's third The Next Generation Special
47: Malibu Comics, 1995   Malibu's Ultimate AnnualWorf Special, and Celebrity Series one-shots
48: DC Comics, 1995–1996   Ill Wind miniseries, as well as the two-part "Convergence" storyline, published in the sixth Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation annuals
49: Malibu Comics, 1995   The examination of Malibu comics concludes with a discussion of how DS9 monthly issues #29–32 provided prequels, sequels, and tie-ins to onscreen lore. It's fitting that this final batch offered several direct sequels.
50: Marvel Comics, 1996–1997   This week's column, the 50th, heralds Marvel Comics' return with the launch of Star Trek Unlimited.
51: Marvel Comics, 1996–1997   Examining Marvel Comics' DEEP SPACE NINE spin-off, from writer Howard Weinstein, editor Timothy Tuohy and other talented creators. It's time to go back to the wormhole.
52: Marvel Comics, 1996–1997   Discussing the first half of Marvel Comics' Star Trek: Voyager covering issues 1-9.
53: Multiple Publishers, 1996–Present   Taking a second look at unpublished comics, this time ranging from the 1990s to the present including Marvel, Malibu, WildStorm, Tokyopop, and IDW.
54: Gold Key/Whitman, 1967–Present   A jump back in time to consider the various formats in which Gold Key's 61 issues have been reprinted in the United States and abroad
55: Marvel Comics, 1996–1997   This column examines the first six issues of Marvel's Starfleet Academy, from writer-artist Christian "Chris" Cooper.
56: Marvel Comics, 1997   Looks at the first six issues of Marvel's Early Voyages comics.
57: Marvel Comics, 1997   Looking back at issues 7-12 of Marvel's Starfleet Academy.
58: DC, Marvel and IDW, 1988–Present   This week's column is a special Q edition, looking back at every comic appearance by John de Lancie's famous omnipotent pest.
59: Marvel Comics, 1997   Looking at how Marvel's Early Voyages issues 7-11 provided sequels, prequels, and tie-ins to onscreen lore.
60: Marvel Comics, 1997–1998   This week's article reflects on the final eight issues, 8-15, of Marvel DS9 Monthly seriest featuring Benjamin Sisko's crew for the last time in a long while. 
61: Marvel Comics, 1997–1998   The concluding chapters, issues 6-10 of Marvel's short-lived Star Trek Unlimited series, gets a lookinig over.
62: Marvel Comics, 1998   Marvel's second series set between The Motion Picture and Star Trek II, titled Untold Voyages and written by writer Glenn Greenberg gets a looking over.
63: Marvel Comics, 1997–1998   This week, Rich Handley examine the concluding installments of Starfleet Academy, in issues #13-19 which ended abruptly with several ongoing storylines left unresolved.
64: Marvel Comics, 1998   The final six issues, #12-17, of Marvel's Christopher Pike spinoff, Star Trek: Early Voyages.
65: Marvel Comics, 1997-1998   Marvel's final 10 Star Trek: Voyager issues, including #s10-15 of the monthly series and the four issue Splashdown run.
66: Marvel Comics, 1996–1998   This final look at Marvel's second tenure fousing on the seven one-shot issues: ST First Contact; Mirror, Mirror; Operation Assimilation; Telepathy War; Riker Special; TOS/X-Men; and TNG/X-Men.
67: WildStorm Comics, 2000–2001   Kicking off the WildStorm discussion with four one-shots that provided prequels, sequels, and tie-ins to onscreen Star Trek. The four issues covered here are All of Me; Enter the Wolves; New Frontier: Double Time; and the Star Trek Special.
Star Trek Graphic Novel index   With the Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection coming to a conclusion, editor Rich Handley provides a helpful index for collectors.
68: WildStorm Comics, 2000–2001   Revisiting WildStorm's 4 issue miniseries Perchance to Dream and their first graphic novel The Gorn Crisis
69: WildStorm Comics, 2000–2001   Continuing the discussion of comic book prequels, sequels, and tie-ins with WildStorm's TNG based one-shot Embrace the Wolf, the four-part miniseries The Killing Shadows, and their second graphic novel Forgiveness.
70: WildStorm Comics, 2000–2001   This revists the two WildStorm four issue miniseries N-Vector and Divided We Fall both based on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
71: WildStorm Comics, 2000–2001   Wrapping up the WildStorm run with a look at their Star Trek: Voyager offerings including the tree issue miniseries Planet Killer as well as the three one-shots False Colors, Elite Force and Avalon Rising.
72: Tokyopop, 2006–2009   A look back at Tokyopop's Manga digests, two based on the Original Series Shinsei Shinsei, Kakan Ni Shinku, and Uchu, as well as a Star Trek: TNG based edition Boukenshin.
73: IDW Publishing, 2007   The first in a long series of IDW articles. This one covers their Star Trek debut with the TNG based six-issue miniseries The Space Between.
74: IDW Publishing, 2007   Continuing the IDW discussion with the five-issue Klingons: Blood Will Tell miniseries built around the original crew's adventures on both the small and large screens.
75: IDW Publishing, 2007-2008   This week, Rich revisits IDW's six-part Star Trek: Year Four miniseries and its Focus On… Star Trek one-shot.
76: IDW Publishing, 2007-2008   An examination of the first of two Alien Spotlight miniseries, which covers the Gorn, Vulcans, Andorians, Orions, the Borg, and Romulans. Each issue offered prequels, sequels, and tie-ins to specific films and episodes.
77: IDW Publishing, 2008   This week, Rich considers how the five-part miniseries Star Trek: TNG Intelligence Gathering offered sequels and tie-ins to televised Star Trek.
78: IDW Publishing, 2008   This week, Rich boards the USS Excalibur and travels back in time to IDW's five-part Star Trek: New Frontier miniseries.
79: IDW Publishing, 2008   Rich Handley uncloaks D.C. Fontana's excellent five-part Star Trek: Year Four - Enterprise Experiment.
80: IDW Publishing, 2008   A look at the five-part Assignment: Earth miniseries written and drawn by John Byrne.
81: IDW Publishing, 2008   Peering into IDW's Star Trek: Mirror Images, yet another five-part miniseries, this time from Scott and David Tipton.
82: IDW Publishing, 2008-2010   Concluding IDW and John Byrne's Romulan saga with the connected trio of the two-part Hollow Crown, three-part Schism, and the 12-page adaptation of "Balance of Terror" which was a bonus story in the Pawns of War trade paperback collection.
83: IDW Publishing, 2008-2009 24 March 2021 Taking another trip through the dimensional barrier to explore Star Trek: The Next Generation 5-part miniseries The Last Generation.
84: IDW Publishing, 2009 31 March 2021 This week, Rich enters the Kelvin timeline of J.J. Abrams' theatrical trilogy with IDW's Star Trek: Countdown, the prequel to the 2009 movie Star Trek.
85: IDW Publishing, 2009 7 April 2021 Boldly going back to a time before The Cage episode's events to explore what adventures Pike's crew may have got up to in the five issue Star Trek: Crew.
86: IDW Publishing, 2009 14 April 2021 A look at another retelling of what James T. Kirk's final voyage as captain of the USS Enterprise couuld have been in IDWs 5-part Star Trek: Mission's End.
87: IDW Publishing, 2009 21 April 2021 Examining three tie-ins to the 2009 Star Trek film: the four-issue Spock: Reflections, as well as minicomics from Wired magazine, and The Village Voice magazines' unuauthorised offerings.
88: IDW Publishing, 2009 28 April 2021 An illuminating look at the five-part Alien Spotlight II, a sequel to the previous year's popular Alien Spotlight series, this time focusing on Tribbles, Klingons, Romulans (again), Q, and the Cardassians.
89: IDW Publishing, 2009-2010 5 May 2021 This week, Rich ventures into the Kelvin timeline once more with IDW's Star Trek: Nero and its adaptation of the 2009 film.
90: IDW Publishing, 2009-2010 12 May 2021 This week, Rich takes a supernatural voyage with the Enterprise crew in IDW's Star Trek: The Next Generation—Ghosts.
91: IDW Publishing, 2009-2010 19 May 2021 This week, Rich joins a galactic treasure hunt to track down IDW's Star Trek: Deep Space Nine—Fool's Gold.
92: IDW Publishing, 2009-2010 26 May 2021 This week, Rich boards the Botany Bay with IDW's Khan: Ruling in Hell and its adaptation of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.
93: IDW Publishing, 2010 2 June 2021 This week, Rich takes command of IDW's Star Trek: Captain's Log anthology.
94: IDW Publishing, 2010 9 June 2021 This week, Rich pays a house call on IDW's Star Trek: Leonard McCoy, Frontier Doctor.
95: IDW Publishing, 2010 16 June 2021 This week, Rich examines IDW's Star Trek: Burden of Knowledge.
96: IDW Publishing, 2011 23 June 2021 This week, Rich takes a bite out of IDW's zombie-themed Star Trek: Infestation.
97: IDW Publishing, 2011-2012 30 June 2021 This week, Rich journeys back to the Kelvin timeline with IDW's ongoing Star Trek monthly series.
98: IDW Publishing, 2011-2012 7 July 2021 This week, Rich crosses the dimensional barrier with Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes, from IDW and DC Comics.
99: IDW Publishing, 2012 14 July 2021 This week, Rich continues to explore IDW's monthly comic set in the Kelvin timeline.
100: IDW Publishing, 2012-2013 and Amazing Stories, 2015 21 July 2021 This week, Rich crosses time and relative dimensions in space, the final frontier, with IDW's Assimilation2.
101: IDW Publishing, 2012-2013 28 July 2021 This week, Rich returns to the mirror universe—sort of—with more of IDW's ongoing Star Trek line.
102: IDW Publishing, 2012-2013 4 August 2021 This week, Rich assimilates two Star Trek: The Next Generation comics: IDW's Hive and Morgan Gendel's The Outer Light.
103: IDW Publishing, 11 August 2021  
104: IDW Publishing, 18 August 2021  

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