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Malibu - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Annuals
Issue 1 - The Looking Glass War Issue 1 - Ultimate Annual (3 Stories)
Writer: Mike W. Barr
Penciller: Leonard Kirk
Finishes: Rob Davis
Cover Artists: Leonard Kirk, Terry Pallot
Cover Price: $3.95
Issue Date: January 1995
Malibu DS9 Annual #1a "No Time Like The Present"
Laurie Sutton
Penciller: Leonard Kirk
Inkers: Scott Reed, Saleem Crawford, Leonard Kirk

"The Nagus's New Clothes"
John Vornholt
Penciller: Patrick Woodrow
Inker: Larry Welch

"Small Victory"
Mariano Nicieza
Penciller: Anne Timmons
Inker: Scott Reed

Cover Artist:
Mark Brill
Cover Price: $5.95
Issue Date: December 1995
Malibu DS9 Ultimate Annual
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