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Star Trek: Short Treks

Title Prod # Stardate Original US Airdate
Runaway ? Unknown 4 October 2018
While trying to help an alien stowaway aboard the Discovery, Ensign Tilly discovers that both of them have surprisingly similar problems.      
Calypso ? Unknown 8 November 2018
A Human soldier wakes up aboard the Discovery centuries after the ship has been abandoned, and develops a close relationship with the AI interface that saved him.      
The Brightest Star ? Unknown 6 December 2018
On the planet Kaminar, the young Kelpien Saru lives a simple and restricted life with his family but is eager to explore the universe far beyond. His ingenuity and his desire to learn more lead him to a future he never expected.      
The Escape Artist ? Unknown 3 January 2019
Con artist and thief Harry Mudd, in chains and at the mercy of a bounty hunter, tries every trick at his disposal to keep from being turned over to the authorities.      
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