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The Complete Star Trek: Animated Adventures

The Complete Star Trek Animated Adventures
This is my favourite Star Trek trading card set. The Complete Star Trek: Animated Adventures Trading Cards! The first set dedicated to this classic TV cartoon series, which aired in 1973-74. This 198 card series covers all 22 episodes, with 9 cards per episode printed on 20 point stock with high "wet" gloss UV coating. There are several chase levels to highlight the true uniqueness of this animated show. First is the James Doohan Tribute which features all of the great characters that Mr. Doohan provided voices for. Next is the The Enterprise Bridge Crew. Then there is the Captain Kirk IN MOTION™ lenticular cards. The most unique chase cards are the Star Trek Micro-Cels featuring authentic pieces of actual series film containing two images. There are 22 different cards, one for each episode. No two card will be exactly alike. This set also features ONE AUTOGRAPH PER BOX from William Shatner (Captain Kirk), Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock), Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura), Majel Barret (Nurse Chapel), James Doohan (Scotty and Lt. Arex), George Takei (Lt. Sulu) and more! Each box will have one of five unique die-cut shaped CD-ROMS featuring exclusive Star Trek: Animated content including screen savers, wall papers, history of the show and an exclusive interview with DC Fontana. These CD-ROMS will not be available anywhere else. Collectors also had a chance to win one of 50 original production cels used in the making of these classic episodes, via instant winner cards. Each of these cards are unique with an image of the cel that you have won and initialled by Steve Charendoff. Also inserted were instant winner cards to win one of 250 sericels featuring the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 or one of 250 sericels featuring Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock.
Manufacturer Date of release Production run Packs per box Cards per pack Card size
Rittenhouse Archives 26 March 2003 6,000 40 + 1 CD-Rom 9 2½" x 3½"
yellow   yellow yellow   yellow yellow   yellow

Base Set

1 1 Beyond the Farthest Star 4 4 Beyond the Farthest Star 7 7 Beyond the Farthest Star
2 2 Beyond the Farthest Star 5 5 Beyond the Farthest Star 8 8 Beyond the Farthest Star
3 3 Beyond the Farthest Star 6 6 Beyond the Farthest Star 9 9 Beyond the Farthest Star
10 10 Yesteryear 13 13 Yesteryear 16 16 Yesteryear
11 11 Yesteryear 14 14 Yesteryear 17 17 Yesteryear
12 12 Yesteryear 15 15 Yesteryear 18 18 Yesteryear
19 19 One of Our Planets Is Missing 22 22 One of Our Planets Is Missing 25 25 One of Our Planets Is Missing
20 20 One of Our Planets Is Missing 23 23 One of Our Planets Is Missing 26 26 One of Our Planets Is Missing
21 21 One of Our Planets Is Missing 24 24 One of Our Planets Is Missing 27 27 One of Our Planets Is Missing
28 28 The Lorelei Signal 31 31 The Lorelei Signal 34 34 The Lorelei Signal
29 29 The Lorelei Signal 32 32 The Lorelei Signal 35 35 The Lorelei Signal
30 30 The Lorelei Signal 33 33 The Lorelei Signal 36 36 The Lorelei Signal
37 37 More Tribbles, More Troubles 40 40 More Tribbles, More Troubles 43 43 More Tribbles, More Troubles
38 38 More Tribbles, More Troubles 41 41 More Tribbles, More Troubles 44 44 More Tribbles, More Troubles
39 39 More Tribbles, More Troubles 42 42 More Tribbles, More Troubles 45 45 More Tribbles, More Troubles
46 46 The Survivor 49 49 The Survivor 52 52 The Survivor
47 47 The Survivor 50 50 The Survivor 53 53 The Survivor
48 48 The Survivor 51 51 The Survivor 54 54 The Survivor
55 55 The Infinite Vulcan 58 58 The Infinite Vulcan 61 61 The Infinite Vulcan
56 56 The Infinite Vulcan 59 59 The Infinite Vulcan 62 62 The Infinite Vulcan
57 57 The Infinite Vulcan 60 60 The Infinite Vulcan 63 63 The Infinite Vulcan
64 64 The Magicks of Megas-Tu 67 67 The Magicks of Megas-Tu 70 70 The Magicks of Megas-Tu
65 65 The Magicks of Megas-Tu 68 68 The Magicks of Megas-Tu 71 71 The Magicks of Megas-Tu
66 66 The Magicks of Megas-Tu 69 69 The Magicks of Megas-Tu 72 72 The Magicks of Megas-Tu
73 73 Once Upon a Planet 76 76 Once Upon a Planet 79 79 Once Upon a Planet
74 74 Once Upon a Planet 77 77 Once Upon a Planet 80 80 Once Upon a Planet
75 75 Once Upon a Planet 78 78 Once Upon a Planet 81 81 Once Upon a Planet
82 82 Mudd's Passion 85 85 Mudd's Passion 88 88 Mudd's Passion
83 83 Mudd's Passion 86 86 Mudd's Passion 89 89 Mudd's Passion
84 84 Mudd's Passion 87 87 Mudd's Passion 90 90 Mudd's Passion
91 91 The Terratin Incident 94 94 The Terratin Incident 97 97 The Terratin Incident
92 92 The Terratin Incident 95 95 The Terratin Incident 98 98 The Terratin Incident
93 93 The Terratin Incident 96 96 The Terratin Incident 99 99 The Terratin Incident
100 100 The Time Trap 103 103 The Time Trap 106 106 The Time Trap
101 101 The Time Trap 104 104 The Time Trap 107 107 The Time Trap
102 102 The Time Trap 105 105 The Time Trap 108 108 The Time Trap
109 109 The Ambergris Element 112 112 The Ambergris Element 115 115 The Ambergris Element
110 110 The Ambergris Element 113 113 The Ambergris Element 116 116 The Ambergris Element
111 111 The Ambergris Element 114 114 The Ambergris Element 117 117 The Ambergris Element
118 118 Slaver Weapon 121 121 Slaver Weapon 124 124 Slaver Weapon
119 119 Slaver Weapon 122 122 Slaver Weapon 125 125 Slaver Weapon
120 120 Slaver Weapon 123 123 Slaver Weapon 126 126 Slaver Weapon
127 127 The Eye of the Beholder 130 130 The Eye of the Beholder 133 133 The Eye of the Beholder
128 128 The Eye of the Beholder 131 131 The Eye of the Beholder 134 134 The Eye of the Beholder
129 129 The Eye of the Beholder 132 132 The Eye of the Beholder 135 135 The Eye of the Beholder
136 136 The Jihad 139 139 The Jihad 142 142 The Jihad
137 137 The Jihad 140 140 The Jihad 143 143 The Jihad
138 138 The Jihad 141 141 The Jihad 144 144 The Jihad
145 145 The Pirates of Orion 148 148 The Pirates of Orion 151 151 The Pirates of Orion
146 146 The Pirates of Orion 149 149 The Pirates of Orion 152 152 The Pirates of Orion
147 147 The Pirates of Orion 150 150 The Pirates of Orion 153 153 The Pirates of Orion
154 154 Bem 157 157 Bem 160 160 Bem
155 155 Bem 158 158 Bem 161 161 Bem
156 156 Bem 159 159 Bem 162 162 Bem
163 163 The Practical Joker 166 166 The Practical Joker 169 169 The Practical Joker
164 164 The Practical Joker 167 167 The Practical Joker 170 170 The Practical Joker
165 165 The Practical Joker 168 168 The Practical Joker 171 171 The Practical Joker
172 172 Albatross 175 175 Albatross 178 178 Albatross
173 173 Albatross 176 176 Albatross 179 179 Albatross
174 174 Albatross 177 177 Albatross 180 180 Albatross
181 181 How Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth 184 184 How Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth 187 187 How Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth
182 182 How Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth 185 185 How Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth 188 188 How Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth
183 183 How Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth 186 186 How Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth 189 189 How Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth
190 190 The Counter-Clock Incident 193 193 The Counter-Clock Incident 196 196 The Counter-Clock Incident
191 191 The Counter-Clock Incident 194 194 The Counter-Clock Incident 197 197 The Counter-Clock Incident
192 192 The Counter-Clock Incident 195 195 The Counter-Clock Incident 198 198 The Counter-Clock Incident

Chase Cards

Checklist Cards (1:20 packs)

C1 Checklist 1 Base Checklist C2 Checklist 2 Bonus Checklist      

James Doohan Tribute Cards (1:4 packs) Foil coated fronts

JD1 JD1 Arex and Friends JD4 JD4 Citizens of Megas-Tu JD7 JD7 Denizens of Argo
JD2 JD2 Scotty's Forehead JD5 JD5 Scotty's Chin JD8 JD8 Tchar and Vedelan
JD3 JD3 At the Engineering Station JD6 JD6 Chuft-Captain and Crew JD9 JD9 Lt. Kyle and Insectoid
JD1 back   JD4
JD4 back   JD7
JD7 back  
JD2 back  


JD5 back Scotty's Chin JD8
JD8 back Scotty's Forehead
JD3 back   JD6
JD6 back   JD9
JD9 back  

The Enterprise Bridge Crew Cards (1:8 packs) Holofoil enhanced

BC1 BC1 Captain James Tiberius Kirk BC4 BC4 Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott BC7 BC7 Nurse Christine Chapel
BC2 BC2 Commander Spock BC5 BC5 Lietenant Hikaru Sulu BC8 BC8 Lieutenant Arex
BC3 BC3 Doctor Leonard H. McCoy BC6 BC6 Lieutenant Uhura BC9 BC9 Lieutenant M'Ress

Captain Kirk in Motion Cards (1:20 packs)

K-1 K-1 Kirk's head K-4 K-4 Kirk, Spock and McCoy K-7 K-7 Kirk, Spock and McCoy with phasers
K-2 K-2 Gazing upward K-5 K-5 Using communicator K-8 K-8 Aiming phaser on planet surface
K-3 K-3 Rising from Captain's chair K-6 K-6 Punching out K-9 K-9 In the transporter

Star Trek Micro-Cels (1:20 packs, two unique frames of film in each card)

MC1 MC01 Beyond the Farthest Star MC9 MC09 Once Upon a Planet MC16 MC16 The Jihad
MC2 MC02 Yesteryear MC10 MC10 Mudd's Passion MC17 MC17 The Pirates of Orion
MC3 MC03 One of Our Planets Is Missing MC11 MC11 The Terratin Incident MC18 MC18 Bem
MC4 MC04 The Lorelei Signal MC12 MC12 The Time Trap MC19 MC19 The Practical Joker
MC5 mc05 More Tribbles, More Troubles MC13 mc13 The Ambergris Element MC20 MC20 Albatross
MC6 MC06 The Survivor MC14 MC14 Slaver Weapon MC21 MC21 How Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth
MC7 MC07 The Infinite Vulcan MC15 MC15 The Eye of the Beholder MC22 MC22 The Counter-Clock Incident
MC8 MC08 The Magicks of Megas-Tu  

Autograph Cards (1:40 packs)
Signed quantities not stated by Rittenhouse Archives

A1 A1 Shatner

William Shatner
as the voice of Captain Kirk

A5 A5 Barret as Chapel Majel Barrett
as the voice of Nurse Chapel
A7 A7 Dorothy Fontana Dorothy Fontana
Associate Producer/Story Editor
A2 A2 Nimoy Leonard Nimoy
as the voice of Mister Spock
A5 A5 Barrett as M'Ress Majel Barrett
as the voice of Lt. M'Ress
A8 A8 Hal Sutherland Hal Sutherland
A3 A3 Takei George Takei
as the voice of Lt. Sulu
(Binder exclusive)
A6 A6 Doohan as Scott James Doohan
as the voice of Lt. Cmdr. Scott
A9 A9 Lou Scheimer Lou Scheimer
A4 A4 Nichols Nichelle Nichols
as the voice of Lt. Uhura
A6 A6 Doohan as Arex James Doohan
as the voice of Lt. Arex
A10 A10 Norm Prescott Norm Prescott

Limited Edition Seri-Cel Redemption Cards, hand numbered to 250 (1:1,250 packs 1 of each in archive boxes)

IW1 IW1 U.S.S. Enterprise - NCC-1701 IW2 IW2 "On the Bridge" - Kirk and Spock   IW1  

VOIDED Limited Edition Seri-Cel Cards (sometimes included with redeemed Seri-Cels)

IW1 IW1 U.S.S. Enterprise - NCC-1701 IW2 IW2 "On the Bridge" - Kirk and Spock   IW1  

Original Production Cel Redemption Cards (1: 4,800 packs - only 1 of each produced)

OPC1 OPC01 Chapel in Sickbay OPC18 OPC18 Sulu on Bridge OPC35 OPC35 McCoy in Sickbay
OPC2 OPC02 Chapel in Sickbay OPC19 OPC19 Scotty and Sulu on Bridge OPC36 OPC36 McCoy in Sickbay
OPC3 OPC03 Chapel in Sickbay OPC20 OPC20 Scotty on Bridge OPC37 OPC37 McCoy in Sickbay
OPC4 OPC04 Chapel in Sickbay OPC21 OPC21 Scotty on Bridge OPC38 OPC38 Uhura
OPC5 OPC05 Chapel in Sickbay OPC22 OPC22 Scotty on Bridge OPC39 OPC39 Uhura
OPC6 OPC06 Chapel in Sickbay OPC23 OPC23 Scotty on Bridge OPC40 OPC40 Uhura on Bridge
OPC7 OPC07 Chapel in Sickbay OPC24 OPC24 Scotty and Kirk on Bridge OPC41 OPC41 Uhura on Bridge
OPC8 OPC08 Chapel in Sickbay OPC25 OPC25 Scotty and Spock on Bridge OPC42 OPC42 Uhura and Chapel on Bridge
OPC9 OPC09 Chapel in Corridor OPC26 OPC26 Scotty and Uhura on Bridge OPC43 OPC43 Uhura on Bridge
OPC10 OPC10 Chapel in ??? OPC27 OPC27 Scotty in Engineering OPC44 OPC44 Uhura on Bridge
OPC11 OPC11 Chapel and Uhura in Sickbay OPC28 OPC28 Scotty in Engineering OPC45 OPC45 Uhura on Bridge
OPC12 OPC12 Chapel and Spock in Sickbay OPC29 OPC29 Scotty in Engineering OPC46 OPC46 Uhura on Earth?
OPC13 OPC13 Chapel OPC30 OPC30 Scotty in Engineering OPC47 OPC47 Sulu on Bridge
OPC14 OPC14 Sulu on Bridge OPC31 OPC31 Kirk at Table OPC48 OPC48 Scotty in Engineering
OPC15 OPC15 Sulu on Bridge OPC32 OPC32 Spock and Uhura OPC49 OPC49 Sulu on Bridge
OPC16 OPC16 Kirk and Sulu on Bridge OPC33 OPC33 Spock OPC50 OPC50 Sulu and Kirk
OPC17 OPC17 Sulu on Bridge OPC34 OPC34 Kirk in Transporter Room  
OPC03-VOID Back  

Die-Cut CD-ROMs (Box-Toppers)

Kirk CD Spock CD McCoy CD Scotty CD Sulu CD

Case-Topper in Motion Set (500 made)

E1 E1 U.S.S. Enterprise
View from side
E2 E2 U.S.S. Enterprise
View from below
E3 E3 U.S.S. Enterprise
View from front

Card Album

- The Complete Star Trek Animated Adventures Binder   Binder with 25 nine-pocket pages, A3 Autograph Card, and P3 Promo Card        

Archive Boxes

-   Unmarked on outside; 15 produced
-   Marked on outside; 15 produced

Other Items

Foil Enhanced Parallel Base Set (Limited to 500 sets)

-   All 198 base cards and 2 checklist cards

Progressive Proof Set (30 made)

-   Magenta set - of all 198 base and 2 checklist cards
-   Yellow set - of all 198 base and 2 checklist cards
-   Cyan set - of all 198 base and 2 checklist cards
-   Black set - of all 198 base and 2 checklist cards
-   Full colour set of all 198 card base and 2 checklist cards

Voided Redemption Cards (Also included in archive boxes)
Front of cards are the same as the fronts for the actual one-off redemption cards

Chapel in Sickbay OPC18-
Sulu on Bridge OPC35-
McCoy in Sickbay
Chapel in Sickbay OPC19-
Scotty and Sulu on Bridge OPC36-
McCoy in Sickbay
Chapel in Sickbay OPC20-
Scotty on Bridge OPC37-
McCoy in Sickbay
Chapel in Sickbay OPC21-
Scotty on Bridge OPC38-
Chapel in Sickbay OPC22-
Scotty on Bridge OPC39-
Chapel in Sickbay OPC23-
Scotty on Bridge OPC40-
Uhura on Bridge
Chapel in Sickbay OPC24-
Scotty and Kirk on Bridge OPC41-
Uhura on Bridge
Chapel in Sickbay OPC25-
Scotty and Spock on Bridge OPC42-
Uhura and Chapel on Bridge
Chapel in Corridor OPC26-
Scotty and Uhura on Bridge OPC43-
Uhura on Bridge
Chapel in ??? OPC27-
Scotty in Engineering OPC44-
Uhura on Bridge
Chapel and Uhura in Sickbay OPC28-
Scotty in Engineering OPC45-
Uhura on Bridge
Chapel and Spock in Sickbay OPC29-
Scotty in Engineering OPC46-
Uhura on Earth?
Chapel OPC30-
Scotty in Engineering OPC47-
Sulu on Bridge
Sulu on Bridge OPC31-
Kirk at Table OPC48-
Scotty in Engineering
Sulu on Bridge OPC32-
Spock and Uhura OPC49-
Sulu on Bridge
Kirk and Sulu on Bridge OPC33-
Spock OPC50-
Sulu and Kirk
Sulu on Bridge OPC34-
Kirk in Transporter Room  

Uncut Sheets (limited to 50 of each)

- James Doohan Tribute 9-card sheet
- Bridge Crew 9-card sheet
- Pair of 10-card sheets of 20 of the 22 Micro-Cel cards, signed and numbered by Steve Charendoff
- Pair of 100-card sheets covering 198 base cards and 2 checklist cards, signed and numbered by Steve Charendoff

Promotional Items

P1 Promo P1 Enterprise
General Dstribution
P2 Promo P2 4 Officers on transporter
Non Sport Update magazine
P3 Promo P3 McCoy, Kirk & Spock
Binder Exclusive
- Sell Sheet Sell Sheet Sell Sheet
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