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Enterprise Season One
Enterprise Season One
This is the first full set of Enterprise trading cards. This 81 card set will cover all 26 first season episodes. Each episode will summarized over three cards with more than a dozen images and complete plot synopsis. Collectors can also look for TWO AUTOGRAPHS per box from three different autograph subsets. Subsets include "Broken Bow", "Aliens of Enterprise" and "Enterprise Crew". Additional chase cards include 22nd Century Technology (1:4); First Contact (1:10) highlighting all of the new alien races that Captain Archer and his crew encounter; and Suliban Genetic Engineering (1:40) which details some of the genetic enhancements that the Suliban have received from the future.
Manufacturer Date of release Production run Packs per box Cards per pack Card size
Rittenhouse Archives 25 September 2002 10,000 40 9 2½" x 3½"
yellow   yellow yellow   yellow yellow   yellow
Base Set
1 1 Checklist 2 2 Checklist 3 3 Checklist
4 4 Broken Bow, Part I 5 5 Broken Bow, Part I 6 6 Broken Bow, Part I
7 7 Broken Bow, Part II 8 8 Broken Bow, Part II 9 9 Broken Bow, Part II
10 10 Fight or Flight 11 11 Fight or Flight 12 12 Fight or Flight
13 13 Strange New World 14 14 Strange New World 15 15 Strange New World
16 16 Unexpected 17 17 Unexpected 18 18 Unexpected
19 19 Terra Nova 20 20 Terra Nova 21 21 Terra Nova
22 22 The Andorian Incident 23 23 The Andorian Incident 24 24 The Andorian Incident
25 25 Breaking the Ice 26 26 Breaking the Ice 27 27 Breaking the Ice
28 28 Civilization 29 29 Civilization 30 30 Civilization
31 31 Fortunate Son 32 32 Fortunate Son 33 33 Fortunate Son
34 34 Cold Front 35 35 Cold Front 36 36 Cold Front
37 37 Silent Enemy 38 38 Silent Enemy 39 39 Silent Enemy
40 40 Dear Doctor 41 41 Dear Doctor 42 42 Dear Doctor
43 43 Sleeping Dogs 44 44 Sleeping Dogs 45 45 Sleeping Dogs
46 46 Shadows of P'Jem 47 47 Shadows of P'Jem 48 48 Shadows of P'Jem
49 49 Suttlepod One 50 50 Suttlepod One 51 51 Suttlepod One
52 52 Fusion 53 53 Fusion 54 54 Fusion
55 55 Rogue Planet 56 56 Rogue Planet 57 57 Rogue Planet
58 58 Acquisition 59 9 Acquisition 60 60 Acquisition
61 61 Oasis 62 62 Oasis 63 63 Oasis
64 64 Detained 65 65 Detained 66 66 Detained
67 67 Vox Sola 68 68 Vox Sola 69 69 Vox Sola
70 70 Fallen Hero 71 71 Fallen Hero 72 72 Fallen Hero
73 73 Desert Crossing 74 74 Desert Crossing 75 75 Desert Crossing
76 76 Two Days and Two Nights 77 77 Two Days and Two Nights 78 78 Two Days and Two Nights
79 79 Shockwave, Part I 80 80 Shockwave, Part I 81 81 Shockwave, Part I
Chase Cards
22nd Century Technology Cards (1:4 packs)
T1 T1 Enterprise Bridge T4 T4 Medical T7 t7 Grappler
T2 T2 Warp Engine T5 T5 Weaponry T8 T8 Environmental Suits
T3 T3 Transporter T6 T6 Shuttlepod T9 T9 Decontamination Chamber
First Contact Cards (1:10 packs)
F01 F1 Akaali
from "Civilzation"
F05 F5 Mazarite
from "Fallen Hero"
F09 F9 Tandaran
from "Detained" and "Two Days and Two Nights"
F02 F2 Andorian
from "The Andorian Incident" and "Shadows of P'Jem"
F06 F6 Menk
from "Dear Doctor"
F10 F10 Valakian
from "Dear Doctor"
F03 F3 Kantare
from "Oasis"
F07 F7 Risan
from "Two Days and Two Nights"
F11 F11 Wraith
from "Rogue Planet"
F04 F4 Klingon
from "Broken Bow, Parts I & II", "Unexpected", "Sleeping Dogs"
F08 F8 Suliban
from "Broken Bow, Parts I & II", "Cold Front", "Detained", "Shockwave, Part I"
F12 F12 Xyrillian
from "Unexpected"
Suliban Genetic Engineering Cards (1:40 packs)
S1 S1 Skeletal Alteration S3 S3 Enhanced Lungs S5 S5 Surface Adhesion
S2 S2 Compound Retinas S4 S4 Shape Changing S6 S6 Subcutaneous Pigment Sacs
Autograph Cards (1:20 packs)
Signed quantities not stated by Rittenhouse Archives
Cast Autographs
A1 A1 Dominic Keating Dominic Keating
as Lt. Malcolm Reed
A2 A2 John Billingdlsy John Billingsley
as Dr. Phlox
A3 A3 Erick Avari Erick Avari
as Jamin
in "Terra Nova"
Aliens of Enterprise Series
AA1 AA1 Clint Howard Clint Howard
as Muk
in "Acquisition" (Binder exclusive)
- variants signed blue, black and silver ink
AA6 AA6 Bruce French Bruce French
as Vulcan Elder
in "The Andorian Incident"
AA10 AA10 William Utay William Utay
as Vanik
in "Breaking the Ice"
AA2 AA2 Ethan Phillips Ethan Phillips
as Ulis
in "Acquisition"
AA7 AA7 Jeff Kober Jeff Kober
as Traeg
in "Shadows of P'Jem"
AA11 AA11 Steven Dennis Steven Dennis
as Tholos
in "The Andorian Incident"
AA3 AA3 Dean Stockwell Dean Stockwell
as Colonel Grat
in "Detained"
AA8 AA8 Vaughn Armstrong Vaughn Armstrong
as Klingon Captain
in "Sleeping Dogs"
AA12 AA12 Eric Pierpoint Eric Pierpoint
as Shiraht
in "Rogue Planet"
AA4 AA4 Jeff Ricketts Jeff Ricketts
as Keval
in "The Andorian Incident"
AA9 AA9 Keith Szarabajka Keith Szarabajka
as Damrus
in "Rogue Planet"
AA13 AA13 Michelle C. Bonilla Michelle C. Bonilla
as Bu'kaH
in "Sleeping Dogs"
AA5 AA5 Randy Oglesby Randy Oglesby
as Trena'L
in "Unexpected"
Broken Bow Series
BBA1 BBA1 John Fleck John Fleck
as Silik
BBA6 BBA6 Jim Beaver Jim Beaver
as Admiral Leonard
BBA10 BBA10 Mark Moses Mark Moses
as Henry Archer
BBA2 BBA2 Vaughn Armstrong Vaughn Armstrong
as Admiral Forrest
BBA7 BBA7 Melinda Clarke Melinda Clarke
as Sarin
BBA11 BBA11 Gary Graham Gary Graham
as Soval
BBA3 BBA3 Joseph Ruskin Joseph Ruskin
as Suliban Doctor
BBA8 BA8 Tommy 'Tiny' Lister Tommy 'Tiny' Lister
as Klaang
BBA12 BBA12 Jim Fitzpatrick Jim Fitzpatrick
as Commander Williams
BBA4 BBA4 Diane Klimaszewski Diane Klimaszewski
as Blue Butterfly Girl
BBA9 BBA9 Thomas Kopache Thomas Kopache
as Tos
BBA13 BBA13 Marty Davis Marty Davis
as Young Jonathan Archer
BBA5 BBA5 Elaine Klimaszewski Elaine Klimaszewski
as Pink Butterfly Girl
Star Trek: Nemesis Preview Cards (Box Toppers - 1:box) Sealed packs with white card covering front
N1 N1 Captain Jean-Luc Picard N3 N3 Lt. Commander Worf N5 N5 Alien Nomad
N2 N2 Lt. Commander Data N4 N4 Viceroy  
Zefram Cochrane Commemorative Card (1:480 packs, numbered to 999)
ZC01 ZC01 Enterprise
... where no man has gone before
"ON THIS SITE, a powerful engine will be built… an engine that will someday let us travel a hundred times faster than we can today. Imagine it. Thousands of inhabited planets at our fingertips. And we'll be able to explore those strange new worlds… and seek out new life and new civilzations. This engine will let us go boldly… where no man has gone before." — ZEFRAM COCHRANE      
Case Topper SketchaFEX Card
- Enterprise NX-01 Sketch Enterprise NX-01
by Cris Bolson
Card Album
- Enterprise Season 1 Binder   Binder with 12 nine-pocket pages, and AA1 Autograph Card        
Uncut Sheet
-   Base set ???
Promotional Items
P1 Promo P1 Season One Trading Cards

General distribution and Non Sport Update Magazine (Vol. 13 No. 4)
- Sell Sheet Sell Sheet Dealer sell sheet
11" x 8.5"
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