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Enterprise Season Three

Star Trek Enterprise Season Three
Each box of Star Trek Enterprise Season Three Trading Cards contains 40 packs with 5 cards per pack. The 72-card base set will cover all 24 season-three episodes with complete plot synopses and 9 images per episode. Again, there are TWO AUTOGRAPH CARD PER BOX! This year's set includes the remaining Enterprise crew with signatures from Jolene Blalock (T'Pol) and Connor Trinner (Trip). There is also a special autograph subset with an all-new design for the MACO soldiers. Also randomly inserted into boxes of the Enterprise: Season Three Trading Cards are several bonus sets, including MACOs In Action (1:10), First Contact (1:20), Enterprise Crew (1:40) and the die-cut The Ultimate Jolene (1:40). The 9-card MACOs In Action subset shows some of the rescue missions and attack assaults of the MACO soldiers. The First Contact cards will continue where previous year's bonus set left off and highlights new alien races encountered in the expanse. Enterprise Crew cards are printed on plastic and feature the entire starring cast of the show. The Ultimate Jolene cards will give collectors a unique insight into not only the character of T'Pol but also the actress herself.
Manufacturer Date of release Production run Packs per box Cards per pack Card size
Rittenhouse Archives 4 August 2004 8,000 40 5 2½" x 3½"
yellow   yellow yellow   yellow yellow   yellow

Base Set

163 163 The Xindi 164 164 The Xindi 165 165 The Xindi
166 166 Anomaly 167 167 Anomaly 168 168 Anomaly
169 169 Extinction 170 170 Extinction 171 171 Extinction
172 172 Raijin 173 173 Raijin 174 174 Raijin
175 175 Impulse 176 176 Impulse 177 177 Impulse
178 178 Exile 179 179 Exile 180 180 Exile
181 181 The Shipment 182 182 The Shipment 183 183 The Shipment
184 184 Twilight 185 185 Twilight 186 186 Twilight
187 187 North Star 188 188 North Star 189 189 North Star
190 190 Similitude 191 191 Similitude 192 192 Similitude
193 193 Carpenter Street 194 194 Carpenter Street 195 195 Carpenter Street
196 196 Chosen Realm 197 197 Chosen Realm 198 198 Chosen Realm
199 199 Proving Ground 200 200 Proving Ground 201 201 Proving Ground
202 202 Stratagem 203 203 Stratagem 204 204 Stratagem
205 205 Harbinger 206 206 Harbinger 207 207 Harbinger
208 208 Doctor's Orders 209 209 Doctor's Orders 210 210 Doctor's Orders
211 211 Hatchery 212 212 Hatchery 213 213 Hatchery
214 214 Azati Prime 215 215 Azati Prime 216 216 Azati Prime
217 217 Damage 218 218 Damage 219 219 Damage
220 220 The Forgotten 221 221 The Forgotten 222 222 The Forgotten
223 223 E2 224 224 E2 225 225 E2
226 226 The Council 227 227 The Council 228 228 The Council
229 229 Countdown 230 230 Countdown 231 231 Countdown
232 232 Zero Hour 233 233 Zero Hour 234 234 Zero Hour

Chase Cards

Checklist Cards (1:13 packs)

CK1 CK1 Checklist (Base Cards) CK2 CK2 Checklist (Chase cards) CK3 CK3 Checklist (Autographs)

M.A.C.O.S. In Action (1:10 packs) Foil Enhanced

M1 M1 M4 M4 M7 M7 Malcolm Reed and Major Hayes sparring
M2 M2 M5 M5 M8 M8
M3 M3 M6 M6 M9 M9

First Contact (1:20 packs) Holofoil Enhanced

F22 F22 Xindi-Humanoid F25 F25 Xindi-Insectoid F28 F28 Skagarans
from "North Star"
F23 F23 Xindi-Reptilian F26 F26 Xindi-Aquatic F29 F29 Illyrian
from "Damage"
F24 F24 Xindi-Arboreal F27 F27 Osaarian
from "Anomaly"
F30 F30 Triannon
from "Chosen Realm"

Enterprise Crew (1:40 packs)

CC1 CC1 Jonathan Archer Captain Jonathan Archer CC4 CC4 Malcolm Reed Lieutenant Malcolm Reed CC6 CC6 Travis Mayweather Ensign Travis Mayweather
CC2 CC2 T'Pol Sub-Commander T'Pol CC5 CC5 Hoshi Sato Ensign Hoshi Sato CC7 CC7 Doctor Phlox Doctor Phlox
CC3 CC3 Charles "Trip" Tucker III Chief Engineer Charles "Trip" Tucker III  

The Ultimate Jolene (1:40 packs)

J1 J1 Jolene, on more than 35 years of Star Trek J4 J4 Jolene, on the changing nature of T'Pol over time J7 J7 Jolene, on T'Pol's costume change in season 3
J2 J2 Jolene, on playing a Vulcan J5 J5 Jolene, on T'Pol's relationship with Trip J8 J8 Jolene, on science fiction
J3 J3 Jolene, on following in the footsteps of Leonard Nimoy J6 J6 Jolene, on being a "sex symbol" J9 J9 Jolene, on more action in season 3

Autograph Cards (1:20 packs)
GOLD = 200-300 signed, RED = 300-500 signed, BLUE = over 500 signed

Cast Signers

A7 A7 Connor Trinneer Connor Trinneer
as Charles "Trip" Tucker III
A26 A26 Scott MacDonald Scott MacDonald
as Xindi-Reptillian Commander [Dolim]
in 8 Episodes
A29 A29 Nikita Ager Nikita Ager
as Rajiin
in "Rajiin"
Signed with or without a heart
A23 A23 Jolene Blalock Jolene Blalock
as Sub-Commander T'Pol
A27 A27 Tucker Smallwood Tucker Smallwood
as Xindi-Humanoid
in 9 Episodes
A30 A30 Emily Bergl Emily Bergl
as Bethany
in "North Star"
A24 A24 Casey Biggs Casey Biggs
as Illyrian Captain
in "Damage"
A28 A28 Randy Oglesby Randy Oglesby
as Degra
in 10 Episodes
A31 A31 Robert Rusler Robert Rusler
as Orgoth
in "Anomaly"
A25 A25 Rick Worthy Rick Worthy
as Xindi-Sloth [Jannar]
in 10 Episodes

MACO Series

MACO1 Steven Culp Steven Culp
as Major Hayes
in "The Xindi", "The Shipment", "Harbinger", "Hatchery", "Countdown"
MACO4 Julia Rose Julia Rose
as McKenzie
in "Anomaly"
MACO6 Marco Sanchez Marco Sanchez
as Corporal Romero
in "The Xindi"
MACO2 Noa Tishby Noa Tishby
as Corporal Cole
in "Harbinger"
MACO5 Sean McGowna Sean McGowan
as Corporal Hawkins
in "Anomaly", "Impulse", "Hatchery", "The Council"
MACO7 Nathan Anderson Nathan Anderson
as Sergeant Kemper
in "THe Xindi" and "Anomaly"
MACO3 Daniel Dae Kim Daniel Dae Kim
as Corporal Chang
in "The Xindi", "Extinction", "Hatchery"

Binder Exclusive Costume Card

C2 C2 Scott Bakula Captain Archer
Starfleet Uniform

Case Topper SketchaFEX Cards (1 per case) drawn by John Czop

- Sketch - T'Pol T'Pol - Sketch - Hoshi Hoshi      

Legends of Star Trek Autograph Card (Multi-Case Purchase Incentive) approx. 100 signed

LA1 LA1 Scott Bakula Scott Bakula
as Captain Jonathan Archer

Card Album

- Star Trek Enterprise Season 3 Binder   Binder with 12 nine-pocket pages, C2 Costume Card, and P3 Promo Card        

Archive Boxes (one each of every card distributed in packs)

-   Box marked on outside (15? dealer incentive for 10 case order )
-   Box not marked on outside (15 total)

Uncut Sheet

-   Base set ???

Promotional Items

P1 Promo P1 T'Pol and Shran

General Distribution
P2 Promo P2 Archer

Non Sport Update Magazine
P3 Promo P3 T'Pol

Binder Exclusive
-   Dealer sell sheet, Summer 2004
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