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Star Trek: Nemesis Expansion
Star Trek Nemesis Expansion Set
This expansion set features 18 cards featuring CGI special effects from the movie. Also included is a Commander William Riker costume card with uniform material worn by Jonathan Frakes in Star Trek Nemesis. For every 5 Star Trek Nemesis Expansion sets ordered, a free Bryan Singer (X-Men director) autograph card. Singer was originally scheduled to have his signature card included in our original Nemesis card set, but they arrived too late. Only about 200 of these signature cards were signed. This expansion set is limited to only 999 sealed sets.
Manufacturer Date of release Production run Packs per box Cards per pack Card size
Rittenhouse Archives 20 June 2003 999 N/A 18 + Costume 2½" x 3½"
Base Set (999 sets)
Card #   Title Card #   Title
NE1 NE1 The Enterprise NCC 1701-E NE10 NE10 Waiting for Shinzon
NE2 NE2 The Argo Takes Flight NE11 NE11 Phaser Fire
NE3 NE3 Romulan Encounter NE12 NE12 Face to Face
NE4 NE4 Blasting Through NE13 NE13 Ramming Speed
NE5 N5 Evasive Maneuvers NE14 NE14 Weapon of Mass Destruction
NE6 NE6 On the Offensive NE15 NE15 Transporting to the Scimitar
NE7 NE7 An Unlikely Ally NE16 NE16 The Scimitar's Ultimate Weapon
NE8 NE8 Battle Stations NE17 NE17 Taking Out the Enemy
NE9 NE9 Romulans Under Attack NE18 NE18 Space Dock (serially numbered to 999)
"From the Archives" Costume Card (999)
Card #   Title
CC1 Costume Card Jonathan Frakes as Commander William Riker
Autographed Card - special offer premium for ordering 5 sets (approximately 200 signed)
Card #   Signer
NA11 NA11 Bryan Singer Bryan Singer as Bridge Officer
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