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Star Trek - Metallic Impressions  
Metallic Impressions created a series of trading card sized metal cards. The first was a promo card released at Huntsville in September 1996. The card showed the U.S.S. Enterprise and was limited to 15,000, Only 5,000 were brought to Huntsville, the remainder didn’t sell and were repackaged with Metallic Impressions mugs and steins. There were three tin sets. The first two were released in 1996. One was a 6-card "Crew of the Enterprise" tin, the second was a 20-card episode set featuring first, last and favourite episodes and crew. This tin set was limited to 12,000. The third tin set, released in 1997, was the first of what was to be a Distinguished Officers Set featuring James T. Kirk. The planned future series were never made.
Manufacturer Date of release Production run Packs per box Card per pack Card size
Metallic Impressions 1996-1997 Various N/A N/A 2½" x 3½" ish
yellow   yellow yellow   yellow yellow   yellow
Star Trek: The Original Series 30th Anniversary Tin (Crew)
1   Captian James T. Kirk 3   Doctor Leonard McCoy 5   Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott
2   Commander Spock 4   Lieutenant Uhura 6   Lieutenant Sulu & Ensign Chekov
Star Trek: The Original Series 30th Anniversary Tin (Episodes) 12,000 sets
1   The Man Trap 8   Space Seed 15   Chief Medical Officer Leonard H. McCoy
2   Turnabout Intruder 9   A Piece Of The Action 16   Lieutenant Uhura
3   Balance Of Terror 10   City On the Edge Of Forever 17   Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott
4   The Doomsday Machine 11   The Trouble With Tribbles 18   Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu
5   Mirror, Mirror 12   Amok Time 19   Ensign Pavel Chekov
6   The Menagerie Part 1 13   Captain James T. Kirk 20   U.S.S. Enterprise
7   The Menagerie Part 2 14   Commander Spock  
Star Trek: Distinguished Officers Series Tin - Featuring James T. Kirk
1   Captain James T. Kirk
3   Admiral James T. Kirk
5   Captain James T. Kirk
Special Assignments
2   Admiral James T. Kirk
Personal Information
4   Admiral James T. Kirk
For the Record
-   Why Metallic Impressions?
(Paper insert)
Promotional Items
P1   U.S.S. Enterprise in paper wallet
(15,000 produced)
Huntsville September 1996
-   Sell sheet  
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