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Star Trek The Original Series Portfolio Prints

Star Trek TOS Portfolio
Rittenhouse Archives presents STAR TREK The Original Series Portfolio Prints Trading Cards with an 80-Card Base Set featuring original movie poster-style artwork by renowned artist Juan Ortiz for all 79 Star Trek: The Original Series episodes (plus one extra card for the two-parter "The Menagerie"). Each box includes 1 Hand-Drawn Sketch Card and 1 Autograph Card. Sketch cards cover all 50 episodes from Seasons 2 and 3 of Star Trek: The Original Series. Each sketch is limited to 200 or fewer. 7 of those sketches have 2 versions, one version will be inserted into the regular packs and boxes, and the other version will be primarily inserted into the Archive Boxes. A small number of those other versions will also be inserted into the regular packs but they will be very scarce. An all-new autgraph design for six Bridge Crew actors with at least one autograph guaranteed in every case. There are also 14 more classic design autograph cards.

Bonus sets include an 80-card GOLD base parallel set featuring facsimile signatures of artist Juan Ortiz (1:24 packs), 80-card AUTOGRAPH base parallel set with cards and signed by artist Juan Ortiz (approx. 1:48 packs), a 22-card set featuring Star Trek: The Animated Series poster art by Juan Ortiz (1:12 packs), 7-card Star Trek Bridge Crew Portraits set (1:24 packs), 7-card Star Trek Bridge Crew GOLD Portraits Variation Bonus set (1:144 packs), 9-card Star Trek Bridge Crew Abstracts set (1:24 packs).

For every 6 cases purchased there is either a "Ships of Star Trek" Painted Art Card by Charles Hall, or "The Cage" Painted Art Card by Mick or Matt Glebe. For every 9 cases purchased there is a Dual Autograph Card signed by William Shatner (Kirk) and Leonard Nimoy (Spock) from the classic episode "Mirror, Mirror". Each case comes with either a U.S.S. Enterprise Portrait Card (CT1) or a Romulan Warbird Portrait Card (CT2).

An archive box is given for every 18 cases purchased and includes: 9-case incentive card, 20 pack inserted autographs, Animated Series set, Bridge Crew portraits sets (regular and GOLD), Bridge Crew Abstracts set, 25 random GOLD parallel base cards, 5 random Juan Ortiz hand signed parallel base cards, 7 scarce variant episode sketch cards, 2 case toppers, 16 random regular base cards and all 4 promo cards. It does not include any of the 6 case incentive art cards. There is a custom designed 3-inch collector's album which contains an exclusive promo card P3.

You can see a large selection of the 6- and 9-case incentive sketches HERE.
Manufacturer Date of release Production run Packs per box Cards per pack Card size
Rittenhouse Archives 25 June 2014 7,500 boxes 24 5 2½" x 3½"
yellow   yellow yellow   yellow yellow   yellow

Base Set

1 1 The Cage

Captain Christopher Pike takes the Enterprise to Talos IV to rescue crash survivors, but it is all a trick perpetrated by the telepathic Talosians, who capture Pike. Using powerful illusions, the Talosians try to interest Pike in Vina, the only real survivor of the crash. The Talosians plan to breed humans to repopulate the surface of their planet. Pike's steadfast resistance, and that of his crew, lead [sic] the Talosians to conclude that humans are unsuitable for their needs. They allow the Enterprise to depart while providing the disfigured Vina with an illusion of beauty – and an illusory Captain Pike to keep her company.
28 28 Errand of Mercy

As war erupts between the Klingon Empire and the Federation, the Enterprise races to Organia to prevent the Klingons from establishing a base there. Captain Kirk is baffled by the primitive Organians' placid refusal to take the Klingon threat seriously. Soon the Klingons arrive, led by Kor, who establishes a dictatorship. When Kirk and Spock mount a resistance, Kor begins killing Organians for their refusal to turn over the Starfleet officers. At last the Organians reveal themselves to be advanced energy beings and put a stop to hostilities everywhere between the Klingons and the Federation.
55 55 The Omega Glory

Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Galloway find U.S. S. Exeter Captain Tracey on Omega I. the sole survivor of a plague that killed his crew in orbit. Mistakenly believing he's found a "fountain of youth," Tracey has violated the Prime Directive by using phasers to help the Kohms fend off the savage Yangs. He demands more phasers, but Kirk refuses. Ultimately, the Yangs capture both men and reveal their "greatest of holies" – the preamble to the United States Constitution. Kirk implores the Yangs' leader, Cloud William, to live by the words, which must apply to everyone – Yangs and Kohms alike.
2 2 Where No Man Has Gone Before

An encounter with a galactic energy barrier leaves nine Enterprise crewman dead and one with enhanced ESP abilities – helmsman Gary Mitchell, Kirk's close friend. As Mitchell grows exponentially more powerful, he loses touch with his own humanity and threatens to squash the crew like insects. Spock urges Kirk to kill Mitchell while he still can. Kirk resists that course of action until he realizes he has no choice. Ship psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Dehner also develops psionic powers, but ultimately she rejects Mitchell's megalomania and gives her life to help Kirk destroy his friend on planet Delta Vega.
29 29 The City on the Edge of Forever

An accidental overdose of cordrazine prompts a wild and paranoid Dr. McCoy to jump through a time portal to Earth's past, where he changes history. Pursuing him, Kirk and Spock meet Edith Keeler, a social worker in 1930 who will delay the United States' entry into World War II – if she doesn't die in a traffic accident first. Kirk falls in love with Edith, but he and Spock learn that in order to preserve history, he must stop McCoy from saving Edith's life. The mission is successful, and a heartbroken Kirk returns with his officers to the Enterprise.
56 56 Assignment: Earth

The Enterprise returns to Earth in 1968. on a mission of historical research, and meets Gary Seven, a time-traveling human with a mission of his own. Kirk and Spock pursue Seven to his office and meet Roberta Lincoln, the confused young woman who works for Seven. Soon, Seven's mission becomes clear. He's bent on derailing Earth's arms race by interfering with an American rocket that will place a nuclear platform in orbit. When Kirk realizes the validity of Seven's assignment, he allows him to finish his task, and the mission is successful.
3 3 The Corbomite Maneuver

After destroying a cube like object blocking its path, the Enterprise is approached by an enormous vessel. Its commander, Balok, gives the crew 10 minutes to prepare for death, leading to an emotional outburst by navigator Bailey. Kirk bluffs that the Enterprise contains "corbomite," which will destroy any attacker. A smaller vessel takes the Enterprise in tow, but the Enterprise breaks away, damaging the escort ship. Kirk, McCoy and Bailey beam over to offer assistance. Balok, benevolent and child-like in appearance, agrees to Kirk's suggestion that Bailey remain with Balok for a cultural exchange.
30 30 Operation: Annihilate!

Parasitic creatures have invaded the planet Deneva, causing great pain and killing many, including Captain Kirk's brother, Sam. When Spock is attacked by the creatures, Dr. McCoy searches for a way to remove the tendrils infiltrating Spock's nervous system. McCoy eventually tries high-intensity light, which succeeds in curing Spock – but also renders him blind. Later, McCoy learns to his dismay that only ultraviolet light is required to kill the creatures. The Enterprise deploys ultraviolet satellites around the planet, destroying the parasites. Meanwhile, Spock's blindness turns out to be temporary, and his eyesight returns.
57 57 Spectre of the Gun

Ignoring a warning buoy, Captain Kirk leads a landing party to establish contact with the reclusive Melkotians. As punishment, the aliens cast the Enterprise men as the Clanton gang, destined to lose to the Earps in the gunfight at the O.K. Corral. When Chekov is "killed" prematurely, however, Spock realizes the entire situation is an illusion. Using the Vulcan mind-meld, he convinces the others that the danger is not real. Consequently, the Earps' bullets pass harmlessly through the landing party's bodies. Kirk's refusal to kill Wyatt Earp persuades the Melkotians to establish relations with the Federation.
4 4 Mudd's Women

The Enterprise beams aboard Harcourt Fenton Mudd, alias "Leo Walsh," and his "cargo" of three beautiful women – Eve, Magda and Ruth – just before their ship is destroyed. The operation damages the Enterprise's dilithium crystals, requiring a visit to the mining colony on Rigel XIl Secretly, Mudd arranges to deliver the women to the miners, who don't know their new brides' beauty is a cheat, derived from a "Venus pill" … or is it? Kirk, discovering the ruse, secretly switches Eve's pill, proving her beauty is the result of her own self-confidence.
31 31 Catspaw

Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down to a remote planet to investigate the death of crewman Jackson and the disappearance of Sulu and Scotty. They find the missing officers, plus witches, a black cat, and a castle inhabited by two aliens: Sylvia and Korob. Explorers from another galaxy, the pair have taken human form to study humankind. Sylvia, infatuated with her newfound sensations, vows to destroy the Enterprise when Kirk rebuffs her. Kirk gets the upper hand by destroying Sylvia's transmuter. The castle vanishes, and Sylvia and Korob are revealed as tiny, helpless life forms that perish in seconds.
58 58 Elaan of Troyius

The Enterprise picks up Elaan, the Dohlman of Elas, with orders to ferry her to Troyius for an arranged marriage with the Troyian ruler. Spoiled and barbaric, Elaan stabs Petri, the Troyian ambassador assigned to teach her civility. Reluctantly, Captain Kirk steps into the role – coming under her biochemical spell in the process – while also dealing with a Klingon warship and a spy among Elaan's entourage. The wedding necklace, composed of dilithium crystals, explains the Klingons' interest in the star system. The Enterprise turns away the Klingon ship and delivers a much improved Elaan to Troyius
5 5 The Enemy Within

During a survey of Alfa 177, magnetic ore on a crewman's uniform damages the Enterprise transporter. It splits Captain Kirk into two halves – one good, the other evil. While the good Kirk begins to lose the power of command, his evil twin swills Saurian brandy and assaults Yeoman Rand. Meanwhile on the planet, Sulu and the landing party are trapped in freezing conditions. After a confrontation on the bridge, the good Kirk takes his darker half to the transporter, and they materialize as one person again – just in time to rescue the landing party.
32 32 Metamorphosis

A cloud-like entity forces the shuttlecraft Galileo to land on a planetoid inhabited by one man: Zefram Cochrane, human inventor of warp drive. Reluctantly, Cochrane explains that the entity, which he calls "the Companion," brought Kirk and his officers to keep him company – a notion that the gravely ill Commissioner Hedford finds disgusting. Using the universal translator, Kirk convinces the Companion to let them go. It joins with Hedford so that it can know true love with Cochrane, who chooses to remain behind and live out his days with her.
59 59 The Paradise Syndrome

On an idyllic planet populated by what appears to be American Indians, Captain Kirk falls into a chamber beneath an obelisk. Unable to find him, the Enterprise is forced to leave to deflect an asteroid heading for the planet. Meanwhile Kirk, suffering from amnesia, falls in love and marries the tribal priestess, Miramanee. The Indians believe Kirk is a god until he fails to activate the obelisk, whereupon they stone him and Miramanee. Eventually, Spock deduces that the obelisk is an asteroid deflector, and the Enterprise returns in time to save the planet. Spock restores Kirk's memory, but Miramanee and her unborn child die.
6 6 The Man Trap

The Enterprise visits planet M-113 to check up on archaeologist Robert Crater and his wife, Nancy, a love interest from Dr. McCoy's past. The crew soon learns there's more to Nancy than meets the eye. A shape-shifting alien who survives on salt, the creature killed the real Nancy years ago. Unwittingly brought aboard the Enterprise, the creature begins killing members of the crew by posing as someone drawn from their minds and draining their bodies of sodium chloride. When it attacks Captain Kirk, McCoy overcomes his emotional attachment to the "appearance" of Nancy and kills the creature.
33 33 Friday's Child

The Enterprise visits Capella IV to obtain mining rights for a rare mineral, but a Klingon agent, Kras, has already arrived. Kras instigates a Capellan coup, and Kirk violates a taboo by preventing the execution of the former Teer's pregnant wife, Eleen. Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Eleen are forced to flee to the hills. While Kirk and Spock fend off the Capellans with makeshift arrows, Kras kills Maab, the Teer. Maab's lieutenant promptly takes out Kras, and the arrival of Scotty's rescue party ends the fighting. Eleen honors Kirk and McCoy by naming her newborn son Leonard James Akaar.
60 60 The Enterprise Incident

Captain Kirk inexplicably orders the Enterprise into Romulan space, where it is surrounded by Romulan ships. Spock sides with the Romulan commander against Kirk, prompting Kirk to attack his first officer. Spock subdues him with the "Vulcan death grip." It's all part of a secret operation to obtain the Romulans cloaking device. While Spock distracts the Romulan commander, Kirk – disguised as a Romulan – steals the cloaking device and brings it to the Enterprise. Before the Romulan commander can execute Spock, the Enterprise beams them both aboard, and the cloaked ship returns to
Federation space.
7 7 The Naked Time

As the Enterprise orbits the disintegrating planet Psi 2000, the landing party exposes the crew to an inhibition-stripping contagion. Sulu, who terrorizes crewmen with a sword, and Riley, who locks himself in Engineering and turns off the engines, are among the first infected. Nurse Chapel confesses her love to Spock, who soon loses control of his own emotions. Captain Kirk, one of the last infected, laments the loneliness of command. McCoy finds a cure while Spock and Scotty restart the ship's engines through implosion, a maneuver that sends the Enterprise three days back in time.
34 34 Who Mourns for Adonais?

On approach to Pollux IV, the Enterprise is caught by an energy force in the shape of a giant hand. Captain Kirk leads a landing party to the planet's surface, where they meet a laurel-wreathed humanoid claiming to be the Greek god Apollo. Arrogant and dangerously powerful, Apollo demands that the Enterprise crew worship him as humans did long ago. When he takes a special interest in Lt. Palamas, Kirk convinces her to reject him. At the same time, Spock uses the Enterprise phasers to destroy Apollo's temple. Realizing his time has passed, Apollo spreads himself upon the wind and disappears.
61 61 And the Children Shall Lead

Responding to a distress call, the Enterprise arrives at Triacus to find that the Starnes Expedition adults have killed themselves, while their children are strangely unmoved. Once aboard the Enterprise, the children summon Gorgan, an entity who commands them to take the ship and travel to Marcos XII. The children gain the upper hand temporarily with mind control, but Captain Kirk regains command of the ship by showing the children images of their parents in happier times – and lying dead, victims of Gorgan. The children begin to cry, and without their support, the powerless Gorgan disappears.
8 8 Charlie X

The Enterprise takes aboard a teenage boy named Charlie Evans, the sole survivor of a ship that crashed on Thasus when he was three years old. The Thasians gave Charlie powerful abilities to help him survive, but on the Enterprise, those powers – combined with Charlie's adolescent angst – present a grave danger to all aboard. He makes Yeoman Rand "go away" for rejecting him, then takes control of the ship. Just as Captain Kirk attempts to overload Charlie's abilities, a ship from Thasus arrives. Despite Charlie's objections, the Thasians take him away.
35 35 Amok Time

Baffled by Spock's irritable behavior, Captain Kirk questions his first officer and learns that Spock is suffering from Pon farr – the time of mating. The Enterprise hurries to Vulcan so that Spock may marry T'Pring, his betrothed, but unexpectedly she rejects Spock and chooses Kirk instead. Kirk is compelled to fight Spock, who apparently kills his captain. Spock promptly releases T'Pring to her true love interest, Stonn, and returns to the Enterprise – where he is overjoyed to find Kirk alive and well. His death was only simulated, courtesy of a tri-ox injection from Dr. McCoy.
62 62 Spock's Brain

A mysterious woman appears on the Enterprise bridge, renders everyone unconscious, and steals Spock's brain. The crew traces the theft to Sigma Draconis VI. Kirk, McCoy and Scotty take Spock's body, fitted with a remote-control device, to an underground city of females known as Eymorg and learn that Spock's brain is now running the whole complex. McCoy dons a sophisticated helmet-like device and receives the knowledge necessary to return Spock's brain to his body. When McCoy begins to falter during the operation, Spock helps him complete the procedure.
9 9 Balance of Terror

A wedding aboard the Enterprise is interrupted by news that Earth Outpost 4 near the Romulan Neutral Zone is under attack. Outposts 2 and 3 have already been destroyed. The attacking ship, a Romulan vessel equipped with a cloaking device, heads for home. Spock and the bigoted Lieutenant Stiles advise pursuit. Captain Kirk agrees and soon finds himself in a cat-and-mouse battle with the shrewd Romulan commander. Ultimately Kirk wins, and the Romulan commander destroys his damaged ship to avoid capture. The Enterprise suffers one casualty: Robert Tomlinson, the crewman who was going to be married.
36 36 The Doomsday Machine

The U.S.S. Constellation, wrecked by a planet-killing machine, has only one survivor: its commander, Commodore Matt Decker. McCoy takes Decker to the Enterprise, while Kirk and Scotty rig the Constellation for towing. When the planet killer returns, Decker takes command of the Enterprise and jeopardizes the crew on a hopeless mission of revenge. Ultimately, Decker pilots a shuttlecraft on a suicide mission into the maw of the machine, which weakens it. Inspired, Kirk rams the Constellation down the planet killer's throat and beams back to the Enterprise just before the explosion kills the doomsday device.
63 63 Is There in Truth No Beauty?

Medusan Ambassador Kollos beams aboard the Enterprise with Larry Marvick and Dr. Miranda Jones, a blind telepath. Humans go mad at the sight ot Medusans, so Kollos resides in a protective box. Marvick, jealous of Jones' relationship with Kollos, tries to kill the ambassador and goes insane, plunging the Enterprise into an uncharted void. Spock mind-melds with Kollos, an excellent navigator, in hopes of piloting the ship back to normal space, but he accidently looks upon the Medusan and goes mad. Jones, who trained on Vulcan, overcomes her jealousy of Spock and saves his life with a mind-meld.
10 10 What Are Little Girls Made Of?

The Enterprise visits Exo Ill, where Nurse Chapel is reunited with her long-lost fiance, Dr. Roger Korby. Almost immediately, however, one of Korby's androids, Ruk, kills two Enterprise security men. Korby makes an android duplicate of Kirk to prove the viability of his ultimate plan: the creation of a superior android civilization. Kirk goads Ruk into turning on Korby, who is forced to destroy the android. Eventually Kirk and Chapel learn that Korby himself is an android, with the real Korby's memories. As the android Andrea kisses him, Korby fires the phaser in her hand, killing them both.
37 37 Wolf in the Fold

While on medical shore leave on Argelius II, Chief Engineer Scott is implicated in the murders of several women. In each case, Scotty is found near the victims, dazed and holding the bloody murder weapon. City administrator Hengist presses the case against the Enterprise engineer, only to reveal himself as the host body for the real murderer: Jack the Ripper. As the entity moves into the ship's computer systems, Captain Kirk has the crew tranquilized so that the alien cannot feed on their fears. When the entity retakes Hengist's body, Kirk destroys him by beaming him into space.
64 64 The Empath

Kirk, Spock and McCoy are captured by Vians on a planet whose sun is about to go nova. Also captive is Gem, a mute empath who can heal the injuries suffered by others. The Vians torture Kirk, and then McCoy, to see how Gem will react. If she heals their wounds – and, in McCoy's case, sacrifices her life to save his – the Vians will save her species from the impending nova. Kirk, disgusted by this experiment, scorns the Vians' lack of compassion, the very thing they're trying to instill in Gem. Chastened, the Vians cure McCoy and leave with Gem.
11 11 Dagger of the Mind

Once an administrator and now an inmate at the Tantalus Penal Colony, Simon Van Gelder sneaks aboard the Enterprise and demands asylum. Dr. Tristan Adams, the colony's leader, invites Captain Kirk and psychiatrist Helen Noel to investigate, but when Kirk asks too many questions about a neural neutralizer therapy device, Adams uses the neutralizer on Kirk. Fighting off suggestions placed in his mind by Adams, Kirk sends Noel to deactivate the colony's force field, allowing Spock to beam down and rescue them. Adams dies in the neural neutralizer room, his mind completely emptied by the device.
38 38 The Changeling

The Enterprise comes under attack by an ancient interstellar Earth probe calling itself Nomad. The crew beams it aboard and learns that Nomad spared them only because it has mistaken Captain Kirk for Jackson Roykirk, its creator. Spock mind-melds with Nomad and discovers that the device, having merged with an alien probe, seeks to sterilize all imperfect life forms. Before Nomad can eradicate the crew, Kirk convinces the probe that it, too, is flawed and imperfect. Kirk and Spock transport Nomad into space just before it executes its prime function and blows itself up.
65 65 The Tholian Web

The Enterprise finds the U.S.S. Defiant drifting, its crew dead. The Defiant itself is fading, and Captain Kirk is stranded there in a space suit when the ship disappears completely. While the crew prepares to recover the captain at the next interphase between universes, they struggle with the same madness that destroyed the crew of the Defiant. Making matters worse, Tholian ships arrive and begin to weave a web around the Enterprise. For a while Kirk is believed dead, but eventually the crew is able to beam him aboard and escape the Tholian web before its completion.
12 12 Miri

Responding to a distress signal from an Earth-like planet, the Enterprise crew finds a decaying city inhabited by centuries-old children. The adults died long ago, victims of a plague that kills humans when they reach puberty. Infected the moment they beamed down, the landing party has only a week to live. Captain Kirk befriends Miri and convinces her of the need to find a cure, but the other children impede their progress. In a desperate move, McCoy injects himself with an untested vaccine. It works, and the landing party – as well as the children – are saved.
39 39 The Apple

On Gamma Trianguli VI, the Enterprise landing party finds Eden-like conditions – along with many natural dangers that kill three security men in minutes. The Enterprise cannot beam the party up, as the ship's power is being drained. Soon Kirk's team finds childlike villagers and the object they worship – Vaal, a large cave with a serpent's face. In order to free the Enterprise from Vaal's power drain and the villagers from Vaal's stagnating influence, Kirk orders Scotty to fire the ship's phasers at the cave. Vaal is rendered lifeless, giving the villagers the freedom to develop naturally.
66 66 For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky

McCoy, stricken with a fatal illness, accompanies Kirk and Spock to the asteroid ship Yonada, which is on a collision course with Daran V. Yonada's people, led by Natira, don't know they're living on a Fabrini generational ship; anyone learning the truth is punished by the ship's computer, the Oracle. Natira and McCoy fall in love and marry, but the Oracle punishes McCoy for informing Kirk and Spock how to alter Yonada's course. They disable the Oracle and reprogram it, while McCoy finds a cure to his illness in the Fabrini database. McCoy and Natira share a tearful farewell.
13 13 The Conscience of the King

Captain Kirk arranges to take aboard a troupe of actors in hopes of determining whether the troupe's leader, Anton Karidian, is Kodos the Executioner. As governor of Tarsus IV, Kodos executed 4,000 colonists during a food shortage. Only Kirk and Ensign Riley remain as eyewitnesses who can identify Kodos. Affer Riley is poisoned and Kirk is nearly killed by a phaser on overload, the truth comes out: Karidian is Kodos, and his daughter, Lenore, has been murdering the witnesses to his crime. With her secret revealed, the emotionally unstable Lenore tries to shoot Kirk but accidentally kills her father instead.
40 40 Mirror, Mirror

After failing to gain mining rights on the Halkan homeworld, Kirk, McCoy, Scotty and Uhura beam up during an ion storm to find a very different ship from the one they left. In this mirror universe, the crew of the I.S.S. Enterprise move up in rank through assassination and serve an Empire that takes what it wants by force. The Mirror Spock is cold and ruthless, but he helps the landing party return to their universe nonetheless. Kirk leaves him with the suggestion that the Empire is illogical - and that Spock can change it.
67 67 Day of the Dove

A mysterious entity lures the Enterprise and a Klingon warship to Beta XII-A and instigates a bloody battle between the two crews aboard Captain Kirk's ship. The alien manipulates the crews' minds, transforms phasers into swords, and heals seriously wounded combatants so they can return to the fight quickly. Kirk and Spock discover the entity and deduce that it feeds on violent, hateful emotions. They have difficulty convincing Kang, the Klingon captain, of the need to stop fighting, but eventually both sides drop their swords and make peace, forcing the weakened entity to flee the Enterprise.
14 14 The Galileo Seven

Captain Kirk dispatches the shuttlecraft Galileo under Spock's command to investigate a quasar-like phenomenon. The Galileo is forced to make an emergency landing on Taurus II, where Spock confronts the challenges of leadership. Primitive humanoids kill lieutenants Latimer and Gaetano, but the remaining crew eventually lift off again – with only enough fuel to maintain orbit for 45 minutes. Spock commits an act of desperation, as he jettisons the fuel and ignites it in hopes of attracting the Enterprise's attention. The gamble works. The Enterprise detects the ignited fuel and beams aboard the crew of the Galileo just as the shuttlecraft burns up.
41 41 The Deadly Years

A routine mission to Gamma Hydra IV becomes dire when the Enterprise landing party contracts a deadly rapid-aging disease. Only Chekov, who experienced a moment of extreme fear on the planet, is unaffected. Captain Kirk becomes forgetful, prompting Commodore Stocker to remove him from command. The crew races to find an antidote before Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty and Lt. Galway perish from old age. The answer – adrenaline – comes too late for Galway, but the others are cured just in time for Kirk to retake command from Stocker and save the ship from a Romulan attack
68 68 Plato's Stepchildren

The Enterprise visits Platonius, where McCoy treats Parmen, the injured leader of humanoids with powerful psychokinetic abilities. Parmen demands that McCoy remain with the Platonians but Kirk refuses, prompting Parmen to use his power to humiliate Kirk, Spock, Uhura and Chapel. With the help of Alexander, a Platonian who doesn't possess the power, the Enterprise officers are able to create the psychokinetic abilities for themselves, enabling them to resist Parmen and put an end to his sadistic "entertainments. Alexander, overjoyed, departs with the Enterprise.
15 15 Court Martial

Following a severe ion storm, the Enterprise reports to Starbase 11, where Captain Kirk is accused of jettisoning the ship's ion pod – killing records officer Ben Finney – before calling red alert. Commodore Stone convenes a court martial, during which Kirk is defended by Samuel Cogley and prosecuted by an old friend, Areel Shaw. When the computer's testimony confirms Kirk's wrongdoing, Spock deduces that the computer has been tampered with. Kirk is exonerated when Ben Finney is found hiding in Engineering. He faked his death to get revenge on Kirk for derailing his career many years earlier.
42 42 I, Mudd

Norman, an android, locks the Enterprise on course for an uncharted planet. There, the landing party finds more androids, all serving Harry Mudd. After forcing the entire crew to beam down, the otherwise peaceable androids stop taking Mudd's orders and announce they're going to take care of humanity. Captain Kirk and his officers, joined by Mudd, put on a display of supreme illogic to overload the androids and incapacitate them. Mudd is left on the planet with the reprogrammed androids, as well as hundreds of copies of his estranged wife, Stella, while the crew returns to the Enterprise.
69 69 Wink of an Eye

The Enterprise is boarded by Scalosians, a race of sterile, hyper-accelerated humanoids who intend to accelerate the crew to their timeframe for use as breeding stock – drastically shortening their lives in the process. The Scalosian queen, Deela, chooses Kirk for her mate, enraging her jealous lover, Rael. Kirk manages to get word of the plot to Spock, who hyper-accelerates himself and helps Kirk overcome the Scalosians. Deela, saddened, bids Kirk goodbye, and the Scalosians return to their planet, resigned to their fate. Kirk and Spock use McCoy's antidote to return to normal time.
16 16 The Menagerie, part I

An accident has left Christopher Pike, former captain of the Enterprise, paralyzed and unable to speak. Spock fakes a message diverting the Enterprise to Starbase 11, beams Pike aboard and locks the ship on course for Talos IV, inviting the death penalty – Starfleet General Order 7 makes Talos IV strictly off-limits. Captain Kirk and Commodore Mendez convene an immediate court-martial, during which images from Talos IV, showing Pike and Spock's visit to that planet thirteen years prior, are shown on the view screen. Starfleet relieves Kirk of command, and the court recesses.
43 43 The Trouble with Tribbles

The Enterprise is summoned to Deep Space Station K-7, where Federation official Nilz BarIs demands that Captain Kirk protect several tons of quadrotriticale from possible Klingon sabotage. The grain is key to the Federation's interest in Sherman's planet, which the Klingons want as well. When hundreds of tribbles gorge themselves on the grain and die, Baris holds Kirk responsible. The tribbles however, help reveal that Baris's aide, Arne Darvin, is a Klingon agent. After Darvin confesses to poisoning the grain, Scotty beams the Enterprise's tribbles to the Klingon ship.
70 70 That Which Survives

Captain Kirk leads a landing party to an artificial planet, where a strange woman appears and disappears, threatening a different officer each time with her touch of death. The same woman – Losira – shows up on the Enterprise, hurls the ship 991 light years away, and rigs the engines to explode. Meanwhile, the landing party finds a station that was abandoned by the Kalandans when disease wiped them out. Scotty fixes the engines, and Spock beams down in time to rescue Kirk's party and destroy the computer, which has been generating Losira replications to defend the station.
17 17 The Menagerie, part II

As Spock's court-martial resumes, the view screen continues to present a video record of Captain Pike's experiences with the Talosians and a human girl, Vina, thirteen years ago. Commodore Mendez calls for a vote – he, Pike and even Kirk vote that Spock is guilty of mutiny. As the Enterprise enters orbit around Talos IV, Spock's purpose becomes clear. The Talosians, with their ability to project illusions, offer Pike the chance to live out the rest of his days free of his wheelchair, with Vina. Starfleet suspends General Order 7 on this occasion, and Pike decides to remain on Talos IV.
44 44 Bread and Circuses

Searching for the crew of the S.S. Beagle, Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down to planet 892-IV and find a Roman Empire society with 20th-Century technology. The Beagle's crew has been made to fight in televised gladiator-style games, a fate the city's proconsul, Claudius Marcus, intends for Kirk's crew as well. Spock and McCoy survive a fight in the arena, but Kirk is nearly executed for refusing to beam the rest of his crew down. The Beagle's former captain, Merik, helps Kirk, Spock and McCoy escape back to the Enterprise at the cost of his own life.
71 71 Let That Be Your Last Battlefield

The Enterprise crew is caught in the middle of a conflict between Lokai, who is black on the left side and white on the right, and Bele, whose skin colors are reversed. Bele is determined to make Lokai pay for leading a revolt on their planet, Cheron, while Lokai demands asylum within the Federation. Captain Kirk's attempts to get the two men to put aside their differences prove futile. Bele forces the Enterprise to travel to Cheron, and Lokai beams down with Bele in hot pursuit – despite the fact that their planet has been destroyed by civil war.
18 18 Shore Leave

The Enterprise visits a lush planet for some much needed shore leave. However, the landing party encounters unexpected – and in some cases deadly – "artifacts." Captain Kirk meets Ruth, an old flame, and fights with Finnegan, a tormenter from his Academy days. McCoy, valiantly defending Yeoman Barrows, is killed by a knight on horseback. Kirk and Spock soon realize the truth: the crew's thoughts and desires are being manufactured for them. An elderly man later appears – along with a perfectly healthy McCoy – and invites the crew to enjoy his amusement planet with the proper precautions.
45 45 Journey to Babel

Spock's parents board the Enterprise as the ship ferries ambassadors to a conference on Babel. Trouble erupts when the Tellarite ambassador is murdered, and soon thereafter, Kirk is stabbed by the Andorian delegate, Thelev. With Kirk in sickbay and a mysterious vessel tailing the Enterprise, Spock refuses to leave the bridge to provide a critical blood transfusion for his father, Ambassador Sarek. Kirk feigns a quick recovery, sends Spock to sickbay, and engages the alien vessel. The alien ship self-destructs to avoid capture, and Thelev – an Orion spy – commits suicide. Sarek's surgery is a success.
72 72 Whom Gods Destroy

Kirk and Spock beam down to the Elba Il penal colony with a new medicine for the inmates, only to find that the insane Garth of Izar – once a starship fleet captain – has taken over the asylum. Garth can change his cellular structure to take the form of other people, and he intends to commandeer the Enterprise. Kirk's crew is too well trained; Garth succeeds only in killing the Orion inmate Marta and torturing Kirk. The Enterprise officers eventually regain control of the colony and the medicine is administered to the inmates, including Garth, who begins rehabilitation.
19 19 The Squire of Gothos

Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Sulu, followed by the entire bridge crew, are whisked away to the castle of a childish alien calling himself General Trelane, Squire of Gothos. Attempts to escape prove fruitless until Kirk destroys the source of Trelane's power, hidden behind a mirror. The crew beams up to the Enterprise, but Trelane moves his planet, Gothos, to block the ship. Kirk beams down and goads Trelane into a hunt in exchange for the release of his ship. Just as Trelane corners Kirk and reneges on their deal, his parents arrive to scold him and take him away.
46 46 A Private Little War

Returning to a planet he visited 13 years ago, Captain Kirk finds the primitive villagers have developed firearms. Spock is shot and returns to the Enterprise for treatment, while Kirk and McCoy seek out Kirk's friend, Tyree. On the way, a mugato bites Kirk. Tyree's wife, Nona – a kahn-ut-tu healer – saves his life in a strange ritual. Soon, Kirk and McCoy discover that Klingons are responsible for arming the villagers. Reluctantly, Kirk arms Tyree's hill people to balance the struggle. Nona's thirst for power gets her killed, and Tyree – formerly a peaceful man – demands more guns.
73 73 The Mark of Gideon

The Enterprise visits Gideon, a disease free planet seeking Federation membership. When Kirk beams down, he finds himself not in the council chamber, but on a duplicate, empty Enterprise. Soon he meets Odona, daughter of Gideon councilman Hodin, and the truth comes to light. Without disease, Gideon suffers from massive overcrowding. Hodin expects to solve the problem by introducing Vegan choriomeningitis from Kirk's blood into the population – starting with Odona. McCoy saves Odona's life aboard the real Enterprise, and she returns to Gideon to save her people with the virus.
20 20 Arena

When aliens destroy the Federation outpost on Cestus III, Captain Kirk calls for hot pursuit of the enemy ship. Suddenly both vessels are stopped by the Metrons, who transport Kirk and the alien captain to a desert planet to settle their differences. The reptilian Gorn captain is stronger than Kirk, but slower. Kirk fashions a crude cannon from natural elements and incapacitates the Gorn, but he refuses to kill his enemy. The Metrons, surprised and impressed by Kirk's demonstration of mercy, express hope for humankind and return both captains to their ships.
47 47 The Gamesters of Triskelion

Captain Kirk, Lieutenant Uhura and Ensign Chekov find themselves enslaved on the planet Triskelion, where they are to be trained as "thralls" to fight for the amusement of disembodied "Providers." The officers are fitted with obedience collars, but they resist their captors at every opportunity. Each is assigned a drill thrall for training, and Kirk teaches his thrall, Shahna, about life among the stars. Ultimately, Kirk wins freedom for his crew – and all the thralls – by winning a fight against three combatants. Shahna bids Kirk a tearful farewell as the three officers beam up.
74 74 The Lights of Zetar

Lt. Mira Romaine, bound for Memory Alpha, suffers altered brainwave patterns after a "storm" of lights from Zetar assails the Enterprise. The energy life forms attack Memory Alpha and kill the staff there before returning to plague the Enterprise. They enter Romaine's body – particularly distressing Scotty, who has fallen for the lieutenant – and announce that they intend to use her to live out their lives. The crew places Romaine in a pressure chamber and drives the aliens out of her body. With the crisis averted, the Enterprise heads for Memory Alpha so Romaine can begin her assignment.
21 21 The Alternative Factor

Surveying an uncharted planet, the Enterprise encounters a phenomenon in which the universe "winks" briefly out of existence. The man responsible is Lazarus, a mad time traveler who claims to be pursuing a "monster" that destroyed his civilization. Lazarus steals dilithium crystals from the Enterprise in an effort to destroy his enemy. Eventually Captain Kirk meets a sane version of Lazarus from another universe. Working with this "Anti-Lazarus," Kirk traps the two men in a corridor between their universes and destroys their ship, saving both universes – but sealing Lazarus in the corridor forever.
48 48 Obsession

On Argus X, the Enterprise encounters a gaseous entity that decimated the crew of the U.S.S. Farragut 11 years earlier. Kirk ignores orders to rendezvous with the U.S.S. Yorktown and pursues the creature obsessively. Ensign Garrovick, whose father was captain of the Farragut, hesitates to fire at the alien, just as Lieutenant James Kirk did 11 years ago, but their mutual feelings of guilt are assuaged when the Enterprise's phasers have no effect on the entity. After it attacks the ship, Kirk pursues the creature to Tycho IV, where he and Garrovick use an antimatter bomb to destroy it.
75 75 The Cloud Minders

The Enterprise visits Ardana for a critical supply of zenite, only to find the mining of the mineral is dependent on the apartheid policies of the planet's privileged cloud-city dwellers. Kirk meets Vanna, the embittered leader of the Troglyte miners, and discovers that Zenite gas in the mines is inhibiting the mental function of Vanna's people. Spock tries to explain the illogical nature of the Stratos philosophy to Droxine, daughter of high adviser Plasus. In the end, Kirk forces Plasus to begin resolving differences with the Troglytes, and the Enterprise departs with the consignment of zenite.
22 22 Tomorrow Is Yesterday

The pull of a black star sends the Enterprise to Earth in the late 1960s. Air Force pilot John Christopher intercepts the ship, forcing Captain Kirk to beam him aboard. When Kirk and Sulu beam down to retrieve the recordings of the Enterprise taken by Christopher's jet, a staff sergeant interrupts them and winds up on the Enterprise. Guards capture Kirk, but Spock rescues the captain. Using a slingshot effect around the sun, the Enterprise returns Christopher and the sergeant to points in time before they were beamed aboard. The Enterprise continues on to a safe arrival in the future.
49 49 The Immunity Syndrome

After Spock senses the death of the all-Vulcan starship Intrepid, the Enterprise investigates and finds an energy-draining "zone of darkness." At the zone's center is a huge single-celled creature whose thirst for energy will destroy the Enterprise. Kirk sends Spock on a potentially fatal mission in the shuttlecraft to penetrate the creature. When Spock discovers that the entity is about to reproduce by fission, the Enterprise plants an antimatter charge in the organism's nucleus. The Enterprise, and Spock's shuttlecraft, are thrown clear as the charge explodes,
76 76 The Way to Eden

The Enterprise intercepts a stolen vessel and beams aboard its crew. Led by Dr. Sevrin, the group includes Chekov's former girlfriend, Irina. They reject conventional society and seek the mythical planet Eden. After Spock helps them locate a planet that might, in fact, be Eden, Sevrin's group knocks out the crew and takes a shuttlecraft to the planet. Kirk leads a landing party in pursuit. The planet is beautiful, as expected, but it's also deadly – Sevrin and Adam die from eating poisonous fruit. The others, suffering severe burns, return to the Enterprise, which delivers the group to a starbase.
23 23 The Return of the Archons

The Enterprise visits Beta Ill to learn what became of the starship Archon a century earlier. The planet's citizens live in a state of content mindlessness, broken only by the Red Hour – a period of wild anarchy. When lieutenants Sulu and O'Neil are "absorbed" into this society by robed servants of an unseen ruler called Landru, Captain Kirk leads a landing party to investigate. "Landru" turns out to be a 6,000-year-old computer that enslaves the people with mindless happiness in order to assure tranquility. Kirk convinces the computer that it is harmful to society, and it destroys itself.
50 50 A Piece of the Action

The Enterprise arrives at Sigma lotia Il and finds a society patterned after the mob culture of Chicago in the 1920s. The contamination is the result of a book left behind by the Earth ship Horizon 100 years earlier. Two rival mob bosses, Bela Oxmyx and Jojo Krako, take turns threatening Kirk, Spock and McCoy and demand phasers. In the end, Kirk uses the Enterprise's phasers to impress upon the gangsters the power of the "Feds." He convinces the gangs to put aside their differences and work together under Federation control.
77 77 Requiem for Methuselah

Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down to planet Holberg 917G to gather ryetalyn, an element needed to cure the Enterprise crew of Rigelian fever. They meet the reclusive Flint and his beautiful but mysterious ward, Rayna, with whom Kirk falls in love. Ultimately, Flint reveals that he is an ancient immortal from Earth and that he built Rayna – an android – to be his companion. Unwittingly, Kirk completes her creation by bringing her emotions to life, but the difficulty of choosing between Kirk and the jealous Flint overwhelms her, shutting her down.
24 24 A Taste of Armageddon

The Enterprise arrives at Eminiar VIl to establish diplomatic relations but finds the planet engaged in a devastating, 500-year-old war with its neighbor, Vendikar. Confused by the absence of explosions, the crew learns that the war is a computer simulation. The computers calculate casualties, and the citizens voluntarily report to "disintegration machines." The Enterprise is deemed destroyed in orbit, but rather than cooperate, Captain Kirk destroys Eminiar's war computers. Facing the prospect of a real war, Eminiars leader, Anan 7, agrees to open communications with Vendikar to make peace.
51 51 By Any Other Name

Aliens from the Andromeda Galaxy hijack the Enterprise, turn most of the crew into inert solids, and set the ship on course for their empire. The Kelvans are conquerors, unwilling to colonize peacefully. However, Captain Kirk and his senior officers discover their adversaries' weakness. Having taken human form, the Kelvans are unaccustomed to their new sensory perceptions. Kirk stokes romantic feelings in Kelinda, Spock incites jealousy in Rojan, McCoy exploits Hanar's interest in food, and Scotty incapacitates Tomar with liquor. Forever changed, the Kelvans make peace with Kirk and release the Enterprise.
78 78 The Savage Curtain

In an effort to understand the human concepts of good and evil and determine which is the stronger, the rocklike inhabitants of Excalbia force Kirk and Spock to fight four legendary villains from history. Joining the side of "good" are facsimiles of Abraham Lincoln and Surak of Vulcan, personal heroes of Kirk and Spock, respectively. When Kirk refuses to participate, the Excalbians change his mind by threatening the Enterprise. Lincoln and Surak are killed but Kirk and Spock vanquish "evil" nonetheless, and the Excalbians allow the Enterprise to depart.
25 25 Space Seed

An automatic beacon leads the Enterprise to the S.S. Botany Bay, a sleeper ship launched from Earth in the 1990s. Revived from suspended animation, the vessel's leader, Khan Noonien Singh – a genetically engineered "superman" – plots to take over the Enterprise. Historian Marla McGivers is captivated by Khan and takes his side until he nearly kills Captain Kirk in a decompression chamber. Her loyalties torn, McGivers frees Kirk, who manages to overcome Khan in Engineering. Kirk allows Khan and his people to settle on Ceti Alpha V. and McGivers elects to go with them.
52 52 Return to Tomorrow

A destroyed Class M planet harbors the minds of three aliens in glowing spheres. Kirk, Spock and Lt. Commander Mulhall agree to serve as host bodies for Sargon, Thalassa, and Henoch so they can construct android bodies for themselves aboard the Enterprise. Henoch, however, has no intention of relinquishing Spock's body. He attempts to kill Kirk/Sargon, but Sargon, with Nurse Chapel's help, outwits him. Henoch flees Spock's body and is destroyed. Sargon and Thalassa inhabit Kirk and Mulhall for one last kiss before vacating their hosts and consigning themselves to oblivion.
79 79 All Our Yesterdays

Kirk, Spock and McCoy transport down to Sarpeidon to warn the planet's inhabitants that their sun is about to go nova. However, the population has already escaped into the past, and the three Enterprise officers inadvertently follow – Kirk into an era resembling 17th Century England, and McCoy and Spock into Sarpeidon's ice age. Spock, reverting to the ways of his ancestors, falls in love with the beautiful exile Zarabeth, but at McCoy's insistence they find their way back to the library and reunite with Kirk. The Enterprise leaves orbit just as Sarpeidon's sun begins its supernova explosion.
26 26 This Side of Paradise

On Omicron Ceti III, the Enterprise finds a colony of scientists in perfect health despite the presence of deadly berthold rays. Elias Sandoval stonewalls Captain Kirk's efforts to remove the colony, while Leila Kalomi introduces Spock to the colonists' secret: spores from a native plant that provide perfect health at the cost of ambition. Soon the entire crew is affected, but Kirk discovers that violent emotions destroy the spores. He cures Spock by goading him into a fight, and together they cure those on the planet through the use of an anger-inducing subsonic transmitter.
53 53 Patterns of Force

Cultural observer John Gill found anarchy on Ekos and organized the planet using the Nazi system. He could not, however, prevent the slide into persecution that also occurred with Earth's Nazis. The Enterprise crew discovers that Gill made himself F├╝hrer and that the Ekosians are preparing to wipe out neighboring planet Zeon. Helped by Isak and his friends in the underground resistance, Kirk, Spock and McCoy find Gill, heavily drugged by his deputy, Melakon. At Kirk's prodding, Gill orders a halt to the invasion of Zeon. Melakon guns down Gill to silence him; in turn, Isak shoots Melakon.
80 80 Turnabout Intruder

On Camus II, Captain Kirk is reunited with Janice Lester, who is bitter and resentful at never having made captain herself. Using an alien device, Lester transfers Kirk's life energy into her body, and vice versa. Lester, now in Kirk's body, takes command of the Enterprise and tries to sequester – then kill – the real Kirk. Her aberrant behavior, culminating in death sentences for Spock, McCoy and Scotty on mutiny charges, prompts the rest of the crew to abandon her. The strain proves too much for her. The transfer reverses, and Lester is defeated.
27 27 The Devil in the Dark

The pergium mining colony on Janus VI summons the Enterprise to help destroy a creature that's killing miners and sabotaging machinery. Kirk and Spock lead the hunt through the tunnels and wound the creature with their phasers. Initiating a mind-meld, Spock learns that the Horta has been trying to protect her eggs – silicon spheres that the miners have destroyed by the thousands. McCoy repairs the Horta's wound with concrete, and the miners agree to collaborate with the creature and her children, who tunnel through rock with ease.
54 54 The Ultimate Computer

The Enterprise is selected as the test vessel for the M-5 multitronic unit, a revolutionary computer capable of running a starship with minimal personnel. Its designer, Richard Daystrom, beams aboard to oversee its operation. The M-5 performs well at first, but then it destroys a freighter and fires weapons at full power during war games exercise while preventing attempts by the crew to take it off-line. Daystrom suffers a nervous breakdown while trying to reason with his creation. When Kirk forces the computer to acknowledge its responsibility for hundreds of deaths, M-5 shuts itself down.

Chase Cards

Gold Signature Parallel Base Set (1:24 packs) sequentially numbered to 150 - On thicker high gloss card stock

01 1 The Cage 28 28 Errand of Mercy 55 55 The Omega Glory
02 2 Where No Man Has Gone Before 29 29 The City on the Edge of Forever 56 56 Assignment: Earth
03 3 The Corbomite Maneuver 30 30 Operation: Annihilate! 57 57 Spectre of the Gun
04 4 Mudd's Women 31 31 Catspaw 58 58 Elaan of Troyius
05 5 The Enemy Within 32 32 Metamorphosis 59 59 The Paradise Syndrome
06 6 The Man Trap 33 33 Friday's Child 60 60 The Enterprise Incident
07 7 The Naked Time 34 34 Who Mourns for Adonais? 61 61 And the Children Shall Lead
08 8 Charlie X 35 35 Amok Time 62 62 Spock's Brain
09 9 Balance of Terror 36 36 The Doomsday Machine 63 63 Is There in Truth No Beauty?
10 10 What Are Little Girls Made Of? 37 37 Wolf in the Fold 64 64 The Empath
11 11 Dagger of the Mind 38 38 The Changeling 65 65 The Tholian Web
12 12 Miri 39 39 The Apple 66 66 For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky
13 13 The Conscience of the King 40 40 Mirror, Mirror 67 67 Day of the Dove
14 14 The Galileo Seven 41 41 The Deadly Years 68 68 Plato's Stepchildren
15 15 Court Martial 42 42 I, Mudd 69 69 Wink of an Eye
16 16 The Menagerie, part 1 43 43 The Trouble with Tribbles 70 70 That Which Survives
17 17 The Menagerie, part 1 44 44 Bread and Circuses 71 71 Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
18 18 Shore Leave 45 45 Journey to Babel 72 72 Whom Gods Destroy
19 19 The Squire of Gothos 46 46 A Private Little War 73 73 The Mark of Gideon
20 20 Arena 47 47 The Gamesters of Triskelion 74 74 The Lights of Zetar
21 21 The Alternative Factor 48 48 Obsession 75 75 The Cloud Minders
22 22 Tomorrow Is Yesterday 49 49 The Immunity Syndrome 76 76 The Way to Eden
23 23 The Return of the Archons 50 50 A Piece of the Action 77 77 Requiem for Methuselah
24 24 A Taste of Armageddon 51 51 By Any Other Name 78 78 The Savage Curtain
25 25 Space Seed 52 52 Return to Tomorrow 79 79 All Our Yesterdays
26 26 This Side of Paradise 53 53 Patterns of Force 80 80 Turnabout Intruder
27 27 The Devil in the Dark 54 54 The Ultimate Computer  

Hand Signed Parallel Base Set (approx.1:48 packs) - On thicker semi-gloss card stock - Signed in blue ink - Signature style raised "watermark" on back of the cards
All these cards had the same text on the backs except for the card numbers

JOA1 JOA1 The Cage JOA28 JOA28 Errand of Mercy JOA55 JOA55 The Omega Glory
JOA2 JOA2 Where No Man Has Gone Before JOA29 JOA29 The City on the Edge of Forever JOA56 JOA56 Assignment: Earth
JOA3 JOA3 The Corbomite Maneuver JOA30 JOA30 Operation: Annihilate! JOA57 JOA57 Spectre of the Gun
JOA4 JOA4 Mudd's Women JOA31 JOA31 Catspaw JOA58 JOA58 Elaan of Troyius
JOA5 JOA5 The Enemy Within JOA32 JOA32 Metamorphosis JOA59 JOA59 The Paradise Syndrome
JOA6 JOA6 The Man Trap JOA33 JOA33 Friday's Child JOA60 JOA60 The Enterprise Incident
JOA7 JOA7 The Naked Time JOA34 JOA34 Who Mourns for Adonais? JOA61 JOA61 And the Children Shall Lead
JOA8 JOA8 Charlie X JOA35 JOA35 Amok Time JOA62 JOA62 Spock's Brain
JOA9 JOA9 Balance of Terror JOA36 JOA36 The Doomsday Machine JOA63 JOA63 Is There in Truth No Beauty?
JOA10 JOA10 What Are Little Girls Made Of? JOA37 JOA37 Wolf in the Fold JOA64 JOA64 The Empath
JOA11 JOA11 Dagger of the Mind JOA38 JOA38 The Changeling JOA65 JOA65 The Tholian Web
JOA12 JOA12 Miri JOA39 JOA39 The Apple JOA66 JOA66 For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky
JOA13 JOA13 The Conscience of the King JOA40 JOA40 Mirror, Mirror JOA67 JOA67 Day of the Dove
JOA14 JOA14 The Galileo Seven JOA41 JOA41 The Deadly Years JOA68 JOA68 Plato's Stepchildren
JOA15 JOA15 Court Martial JOA42 JOA42 I, Mudd JOA69 JOA69 Wink of an Eye
JOA16 JOA16 The Menagerie, part 1 JOA43 JOA43 The Trouble with Tribbles JOA70 JOA70 That Which Survives
JOA17 JOA17 The Menagerie, part 1 JOA44 JOA44 Bread and Circuses JOA71 JOA71 Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
JOA18 JOA18 Shore Leave JOA45 JOA45 Journey to Babel JOA72 JOA72 Whom Gods Destroy
JOA19 JOA19 The Squire of Gothos JOA46 JOA46 A Private Little War JOA73 JOA73 The Mark of Gideon
JOA20 JOA20 Arena JOA47 JOA47 The Gamesters of Triskelion JOA74 JOA74 The Lights of Zetar
JOA21 JOA21 The Alternative Factor JOA48 JOA48 Obsession JOA75 JOA75 The Cloud Minders
JOA22 JOA22 Tomorrow Is Yesterday JOA49 JOA49 The Immunity Syndrome JOA76 JOA76 The Way to Eden
JOA23 JOA23 The Return of the Archons JOA50 JOA50 A Piece of the Action JOA77 JOA77 Requiem for Methuselah
JOA24 JOA24 A Taste of Armageddon JOA51 JOA51 By Any Other Name JOA78 JOA78 The Savage Curtain
JOA25 JOA25 Space Seed JOA52 JOA52 Return to Tomorrow JOA79 JOA79 All Our Yesterdays
JOA26 JOA26 This Side of Paradise JOA53 JOA53 Patterns of Force JOA80 JOA80 Turnabout Intruder
JOA27 JOA27 The Devil in the Dark JOA54 JOA54 The Ultimate Computer  
JOA1 Back This limited edition autograph card has been personally signed by artist Juan Ortiz

"Star Trek was more than just TV entertainment. The issues faced by the crew of the Enterprise often mirrored humanity's own. When taken into context of the 60s, growing up with Star Trek offered an optimistic vision for humanity, free of racism, hunger, diseases and the cold war. Almost 50 years later, many of those young Trekkies have gone on to become scientists, astronauts, doctors, writers, and artists, making a better world for all of us. Creating these posters has been my way of giving back to Gene Roddenbery's creation."
– Juan Ortiz

Star Trek The Animated Series (1:12 packs)

Airdate: September 8, 1973

The crew of the Enterprise finds a damaged alien ship in orbit around Questar M-17. When Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Scotty beam over to investigate, they discover that the ship's insectoid crew destroyed their vessel to prevent a malevolent entity from reaching other worlds. The entity, still aboard, transports to the Enterprise with the landing party, but Kirk tricks it into thinking he's going to crash the Enterprise into the star. The alien flees, and the Enterprise breaks away From Questar's gravitational pull. leaving the creature alone to orbit the star forever.
Airdate: November 3, 1973

The Enterprise crew runs into trouble on the so-called "Shore Leave Planet" that they visited once before. The caretaker has died and been replaced by a planetary master computer, which has become unhappy with its life of servitude. The computer takes Uhura hostage in the hope of capturing the crew's "sky machine" - the Enterprise - and traveling the Galaxy. Captain Kirk convinces the computer that humans and machines co-exist for their mutual benefit, that neither is a slave to the other. Seeing itself in a new light, the computer allows the crew to enjoy its shore leave.
Airdate: January 12, 1974

At the request of the Vedala, the Galaxy's oldest space farers, Kirk and Spock join an expedition to recover the Soul of the Skorr, a stolen religious artifact that could ignite a holy war. The Vedala transport the group to the planet where the artifact is hidden. Ultimately, Kirk deduces that Tchar, prince of the Skorr, stole the artifact. Tchar admits his treachery, claiming that his people have become docile and cowardly: he wants to incite a war that will make the Skorr great again. Kirk and Spock overcome Tchar, and the Vedala thank the team for their courageous efforts.
Airdate: September 15, 1973

After a trip through the Guardian of Forever, Kirk and Spock return to find that no one knows Spock. To correct the change in his timeline, Spock travels into his past on Vulcan. He meets himself as a boy and follows young Spock into the desert, where he has ventured for his kahs-wan ordeal. Spock saves his younger self from a ferocious le-matya, but the boy's pet sehlat is gravely wounded.
Young Spock chooses to release his faithful pet from his pain, thereby folflowing the path of logic. The timeline is saved, and Spock returns to the Enterprise.
Airdate: November 10, 1973

After Captain Kirk apprehends Harry Mudd for swindling miners on planet Motherlode, Mudd unleashes his love potion aboard the Enterprise, beginning with Nurse Chapel. She tries the potion on Spock, who falls madly in love with her. Soon the entire crew is affected. Mudd takes Chapel hostage and escapes to a rocky planet in a shuttlecraft. Kirk and Spock pursue them to the planet and use Mudd's crystals to overcome dangerous rock creatures. Eventually, the love potion wears off and everyone returns to the Enterprise, where they must deal with the drug's after effects - hatred and animosity.
Airdate: September 7, 1974

Spock, stricken with choriocytosis, will die unless Dr. McCoy can administer a dose of the rare drug strobolin in time. Arrangements are made for a freighter to deliver the drug to the Enterprise, but Orion pirates steal the freighter's cargo. The Enterprise tracks down the Orion ship, whose captain agrees to meet Kirk on an asteroid to hand over the strobolin. However, the Orion's real intention is to destroy both ships rather than return to his home planet in disgrace. Kirk captures the Orion captain and secures the drug for Spock, who recovers.
Airdate: September 22, 1973

The Enterprise races to intercept a huge, planet- destroying cloud before it can consume the planet Mantilles. When the cloud attacks the ship, the crew learns that it's a living being. As the Enterprise travels through the creature's digestive system, Captain Kirk prepares to blow up the ship in order to destroy the cloud's brain and save Mantilles. Fortunately, Spock is able to mind-meld with the creature and help it understand that its food - planets - are inhabited by other life Forms. The cloud creature agrees to depart the Galaxy peacefully.
Airdate: November 17, 1973

A flash of light from Terratin, a volcanic planet, passes through the Enterprise, and the crew begins to shrink. Before they become too small to operate the ship's controls, they beam Captain Kirk to the planet's surface, where he returns to normal size and finds a miniature city. Its residents used the shrinking beam to get the Enterprise's attention so they could ask for help: their planet is dying. The Enterprise beams their entire city aboard and takes them to a more stable planet. In gratitude, the Terratin leader names the crew honorary Terratine for all time.
Airdate: September 14, 1974

Captain Kirk leads a mission to investigate a planet with aboriginal life forms. Accompanying the away team is Bem, an observer from the planet Pandro. Bem recklessly takes off toward a settlement of natives, forcing Kirk and Spock to chase him. All three are captured. After Bem escapes, a supernatural force - angry at their interference with her "children" - orders Kirk and Spock to leave the planet at once. Kirk insists on Finding Bem First. Shamed and contrite, Bem returns to the Enterprise with Spock and Kirk, who quarantines the planet.
Airdate: September 29, 1973

The Enterprise is drawn to a planet in the Taurean system populated solely by women. The members of Kirk's landing party - all male - soon find themselves growing old and weak as the Taurean women absorb their life energy. Uhura assumes command of the Enterprise and mounts a rescue. Using the landing party's molecular patterns stored in the transporter, Scotty returns Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Lt. Carver to their proper ages. The Taurean women are removed to another planet, where their physiology will no longer depend on energy from males.
Airdate: November 24, 1973

On a mission to investigate starship disappearances in the Delta Triangle, the Enterprise finds a starship graveyard in another dimension. A Klingon ship, which had engaged the Enterprise in a phaser fight, is also ensnared. Captain Kirk and Commander Kor are penalized for their violent acts by the inhabitants of the zone, who have been trapped for a millennia. To escape the area, the Enterprise and Klingon crews work together to link the ships, making them function as one vessel. Spock foils a Klingon plot to destroy the Enterprise, and the two ships return to their own universe.
Airdate: September 21, 1874

After passing through an energy field, the Enterprise's computer gains an artificial intelligence that plays practical jokes on the crew. A food synthesizer throws pies at Scotty and Kirk finds a message on his shirt reading "Kirk is a Jerk." Sulu, McCoy and Uhura are trapped in a recreation room while laughing gas fills the bridge. The Enterprise heads into the Neutral Zone, and the Romulans give chase. Kirk tricks the Enterprise computer to steer the ship through the energy Field a second time, which returns the computer to normal and now the Romulan vessels are plagued by practical jokes.
Airdate: October 6, 1973

While escorting a shipment of grain to Sherman's Planet, the Enterprise rescues Cyrano Jones - and his tribbles - from the Klingons while narrowly escaping Captain Koloth's new stasis field weapon. The Klingons want Jones because he infested a Klingon world with tribbles and stole their artificial tribble predator, a glommer. Jones's new tribbles don't reproduce, but they do grow into huge colonies that soon infest the Enterprise. Kirk returns the glommer to Koloth, while McCoy treats the tribbles with neoethylene to slow their metabolism and break them down into smaller units once more.
Airdate: December 1, 1973

On the water world Argo, Kirk and Spock are captured by hostile Aquans and transformed into water-breathers. McCoy can't reverse the mutation, so the two officers return to the planet to find answers. One Aquan, Rila, directs them to a ruined city whose archives hold the key to reversing the mutation. Rila's friends help Kirk and Spock acquire venom from a sur-snake to make the antidote, and both men are cured. Before departing, the Enterprise stops the planet's quakes from threatening the Aquans, many of whom decide to use the newfound medicine to resume life on land.
Airdate: September 28, 1974

On the planet Dramia, Dr. McCoy is accused of causing genocide after he led an inoculation program on Dramia lI nineteen years earlier. Kirk and Spock, anxious to prove McCoy's innocence, take the Enterprise to Dramia ll to investigate. Soon the entire crew is infected with the plague, except for Spock, who is immune. Returning to Dramia, Spock breaks McCoy out of prison so he can work on a cure aboard the Enterprise. The real cause of the plague is an aurora orbiting Dramia II. McCoy, exonerated, cures the plague and shares his findings with the Dramians.
Airdate: October 13. 1973

The Enterprise rescues long-lost philanthropist Carter Winston from a meteor swarm and reunites him with his fiancee, Lt. Anne Nored. Winston, however, is not what he seems. After taking Captain Kirk's form and ordering the ship into the Romulan Neutral Zone, he reveals himself as a shapeshifting Vendorian. The real Winston is dead, and the Vendorian is a spy for the Romulans, who attack the Enterprise. When the Vendorian realizes he absorbed the real Winston's love for Nored, he saves the ship and agrees to stand trial for his actions.
Airdate: December 15, 1973

Enterprise shuttlecraft Copernicus is headed for Starbase 25 with a valuable Slaver stasis box when a second box lures the crew to a nearby planet. It's a trap set by Kzinti pirates, who want the Copernicus stasis box and the weapon they find inside. The weapon is capable of creating a giant destructive energy beam, but it won't operate for the Kzinti. To keep itself from falling into enemy hands, the weapon seif-destructs, killing the Kzinti. Sulu, with his knowledge and appreciation of weaponry, laments the loss of the device, but Spock notes it was far too dangerous.
Airdate: October 5, 1974

The Enterprise encounters a ship which transforms itself into the shape of a feathered serpent. Ensign Dawson Walking Bear, a native American, recognizes the serpent as Kukulkan, who - according to legend - visited the Mayans thousands of years ago. After testing Kirk, Dawson, McCoy and Scotty in an Earth-like city, Kukulkan transports them to a "life-room" where he keeps creatures From throughout the Galaxy. Kirk and McCoy free two of the creatures and reject Kukulkan, who finally understands that humans are not his children any longer, that they must fail or succeed on their own.
Airdate: October 20, 1873

On the planet Phylos, sterile plant-like beings abduct Spock and bring him to their human leader, Dr. Stavos Keniclius 5 - a giant clone of the original Stavos. He creates a huge clone of Spock to be the first of a new master race of galactic peacemakers. Captain Kirk convinces the clone that the Federation is already peaceful through its own efforts. Spock 2 saves the original Spock's life with a Vulcan mind touch, and the Enterprise departs with its crew intact, while Spock 2 remains on the planet to help the Phylosians.
Airdate: January 5, 1974

An Enterprise landing party finds three crew members of a Federation science vessel on Lactra VII, who have been imprisoned by the slug-like Lactrans as exhibits in a zoo. Spock discovers that the Lactrans are telepathic, but the speed of their thoughts is too difficult for him to comprehend. The group lures a Lactran child to bring them a communicator, but when Scotty tries to beam up the imprisoned crew members, he transports the child instead. The child reads Scotty's brain, and the engineer convinces it that humans are neither pets nor zoo specimens. The child returns to its parents, who allow the humans to go.
Airdate: October 12, 1974

The Enterprise is observing a supernova with ambassador Robert April and his wife when an alien ship races into the dying star. Captain Kirk orders a tractor beam, but the Enterprise is pulled into a reverse universe where the crew ages backward. The alien vessel's pilot and her Family help the crew recreate the conditions that caused their predicament. When Kirk and his crew become too young to operate the ship. April - the first captain of the Enterprise - takes command and completes the mission. His heroics convince Starfleet to consider his appeal to delay his retirement.
Airdate: October 27, 1973

investigating the creation of matter in the center of the Galaxy, the Enterprise is thrown into an alternate universe where magic prevails. Lucien, a humanoid with horns, shows Kirk. Spock and McCoy his planet, Megus-Tu, and then returns them to the ship. When some of the crew experiment with magic, the Megans take notice and transport the crew - and Lucien - to Salem, Massachusetts, for a witch trial. Kirk convinces the Megans that humanity has changed since then, and he defends Lucien as well. Impressed, the Megans release the crew, and the Enterprise returns to its own universe.

Bridge Crew Portraits (1:24 packs)

RA1 RA1 Kirk RA4 RA4 Scotty RA6 RA6 Uhura
RA2 RA2 Spock RA5 RA5 Sulu RA7 RA7 Chekov
RA3 RA3 McCoy            

Bridge Crew Portraits Alternate Gold (1:144 packs) sequentially numbered to 250
The fronts have the same images as the backs of the regular set and vice versa.

RAA1 RAA1 Kirk RAA4 RAA4 Scotty RAA6 RAA6 Uhura
RAA2 RAA2 Spock RAA5 RAA5 Sulu RAA7 RAA7 Chekov
RAA3 RAA3 McCoy            

Bridge Crew Abstracts (1:24 packs)

U1 U1 Captain Kirk U4 U4 Uhura U7 U7 Pavel Chekov
U2 U2 Mr. Spock U5 U5 "Scotty" Montgomery Scott U8 U8 Nurse Chapel
U3 U3 "Bones" McCoy U6 U6 Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu U9 U9 Yeoman Rand

Collage on back of Bridge Crew Abstracts cards

  Abstracts Collage  

Hand Drawn Sketch Cards (1:24 packs) - Faint "watermark" on back of cards
All on cards with a 2007 ©

- Sketch - Catspaw Catspaw
John Czop
- Sketch - The Immunity Sydrome The Immunity Syndrome
Warren Martineck
- Sketch - The Tholian Web The Tholian Web
Warren Martineck
- Sketch - Catspaw Catspaw (archive box variant)
John Czop
- Sketch - A Piece of the Action A Piece of the Action
Dan Day
- Sketch - For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky
Darren Chandler
- Sketch - Metamorphosis Metamorphosis
Brian Kong
- Sketch - By Any Other Name By Any Other Name
Brian Kong
- Sketch - For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky (archive box variant)
Darren Chandler
- Sketch - Friday's Child Friday's Child
Brian Kong
- Sketch - Return to Tomorrow Return to Tomorrow
Brian Kong
- Sketch - Day of the Dove Day of the Dove
Sean Pence
- Sketch - Who Mourns for Adonais? Who Mourns for Adonais?
Brian Kong
- Sketch - Patterns of Force Patterns of Force
Brian Kong
- Sketch - Plato's Stepchildren Plato's Stepchildren
John Haun
- Sketch - Amok Time Amok Time
Dan Day
- Sketch - Patterns of Force Patterns of Force (archive box variant)
Brian Kong
- Sketch - Plato's Stepchildren Plato's Stepchildren (archive box variant)
John Czop
- Sketch - The Doomsday Machine The Doomsday Machine
Brian Kong
- Sketch - The Ultimate Computer The Ultimate Computer
Brian Kong

Better image coming soon!
- Sketch - Wink of an Eye Wink of an Eye
Todd Smith
- Sketch - Wolf in the Fold Wolf in the Fold
Brian Kong
- Sketch - The Ultimate Computer The Ultimate Computer (archive box variant)
Brian Kong
- Sketch - That Which Survives That Which Survives
Brian Kong
- Sketch - The Changeling The Changeling
Dan Day
- Sketch - The Omega Glory The Omega Glory
Brian Kong
- Sketch - Let That Be Your Last Battlefield Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
John Czop
- Sketch - The Apple The Apple
Steven Miller
- Sketch - Assignment: Earth Assignment: Earth
Brian Kong
- Sketch - Whom Gods Destroy Whom Gods Destroy
Sean Pence
- Sketch - Mirror, Mirror Mirror, Mirror
Justin Chung
- Sketch - Spectre of the Gun Spectre of the Gun
Jason Davies
- Sketch - The Mark of Gideon The Mark of Gideon
John Czop
- Sketch - The Deadly Years The Deadly Years
Dan Day
- Sketch - Spectre of the Gun Spectre of the Gun (archive box variant)
Todd Smith
- Sketch - The Lights of Zetar The Lights of Zetar
Veronica Smith
- Sketch - I, Mudd I, Mudd
Chuck Zsolnai
- Sketch - Elaan of Troyius Elaan of Troyius
Steven Miller
- Sketch - The Cloud Minders The Cloud Minders
Dan Day
- Sketch - The Trouble With Tribbles The Trouble with Tribbles
Sarah Wilkinson
- Sketch - The Paradise Syndrome The Paradise Syndrome
Chuck Zsolnai
- Sketch - The Way to Eden The Way to Eden
Dan Day
- Sketch - Bread and Circuses Bread and Circuses
Sarah Wilkinson
- Sketch - The Enterprise Incident The Enterprise Incident
Steven Miller
- Sketch - The Way to Eden The Way to Eden (archive box variant)
Dan Day
- Sketch - Journey to Babel Journey to Babel
Dan Day
- Sketch - And the Children Shall Lead And the Children Shall Lead
Dan Day
- Sketch - Requiem for Methuselah Requiem for Methuselah
Chuck Zsolnai
- Sketch - A Private Little War A Private Little War
Brian Kong
- Sketch - Spock's Brain Spock's Brain
Brian Kong
- Sketch - The Savage Curtain The Savage Curtain
Steven Miller
- Sketch - The Gamesters of Triskelion The Gamesters of Triskelion
John Czop
- Sketch - Is there in Truth No Beauty Is There in Truth No Beauty?
Brian Kong
- Sketch - All Our Yesterdays All Our Yesterdays
Chuck Zsolnai
- Sketch - Obsession Obsession
Brian Kong
- Sketch - The Empath The Empath
Sean Pence
- Sketch - Turnabout Intruder Turnabout Intruder
Dan Day
- Back of Sketch Card Back of Sketch Card  

Autographed Cards (1:24 packs)
PURPLE = less than 200 signed GOLD = 200-300 signed, RED = 300-500 signed, BLUE = over 500 signed

Black Border, New Design

- Autograph - William Shatner William Shatner
as Captain Kirk

© 2013

- Autograph - Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy
as Spock

© 2013

- Autograph - Walter Koenig Walter Koenig
as Chekov

© 2013

- Autograph - Nichelle Nichols in Blue Ink Nichelle Nichols
as Uhura

Signed in blue or black ink

© 2013
- Autograph - Grace Lee Whitney Grace Lee Whitney
as Yeoman Janice Rand

© 2013

- Autograph - George Takei George Takei
as Sulu

© 2013

Autograph - Nichelle Nichols in Black Ink  

Classic Design

A256 Autograph - Garth Pillsbury

Garth Pillsbury
as Troglyte
in "The Cloud Minders"

© 2010

A266 Autograph - Gerald Fried Gerald Fried
Composer for:
"Shore Leave", "Amok Time", "The Apple", "Catspaw", "Journey to Babel", "Friday's Child"
"Wolf in the Fold", "A Private Little War", "The Paradise Syndrome"

© 2011

A274 Autograph - William O'Connell

William O'Connell
as Thelev
in "Journey to Babel"

© 2013

A259 Autograph - Sean Morgan Sean Morgan
as Lt. O'Neil
in "The Tholian Web"

© 2010

A267 Autograph - Lee Duncan

Lee Duncan
as Lt. Evans
in "Elaan of Troyius"

© 2013

A275 Autograph - Yvonne Craig

Yvonne Craig
as Marta
in "Whom Gods Destroy"

© 2013

A261 Autograph - Michael Barrier Michael Barrier
as Lt. DeSalle
in "Catspaw"

© 2010

A271 Autograph - Budd Albright (Barnhart) Budd Albright
as Barnhart
in "The Man Trap"

© 2013

A276 Autograph - Roger Perry Roger Perry
as Captain John Christopher
in "Tomorrow is Yesterday"

© 2013

A263 Autograph - David L. Ross David L. Ross
as Eminiar Guard Imposter
in "A Taste of Armageddon"

© 2010

A272 Autograph - Budd Albright (Rayburn)

Budd Albright
as Crewman Rayburn
in "What Are Little Girls Made Of?"

© 2013

A277 Autograph - Geoffrey Binney Geoffrey Binney
as Compton
in "Wink of an Eye"

© 2013

A265 Autograph - Ralph Senensky Ralph Senensky
Director of:
"This Side of Paradise", "Metamorphosis", "Obsession", "Return to Tomorrow", "Bread and Circuses", "Is There in Truth No Beauty?"

© 2011

A273 Autograph - Richard Scotter Richard Scotter
as Lt. Painter
in "This Side of Paradise"

© 2013

Gaps remain for A268, A269, A270

Case Topper Ship Portrait Cards - 1 of 2 inserted in each case, sequentially numbered to 400

CT1 U.S.S. Enterprise Portrait U.S.S. Enterprise CT2 Romulan Warbird Portrait Romulan Bird-of-Prey    

Card Album

-   Binder with Promo Card and one 9-pocket page

Multi-Case Incentive Cards

- Charles Hall Art Card

6 Case Incentive Painted Art Card

"Ships of Star Trek"
by Charles Hall

- Matt Glebe Art Card

6 Case Incentive Painted Art Card

"The Cage"
by Mick and Matt Glebe

© 2014

DA32 William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy

9 Case Incentive Dual Autograph Card

William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy
as Kirk & Spock in "Mirror, Mirror"

© 2013

Rittenhouse Archives Rewards Bridge Crew Abstract Card - 300 points

U10 U10 Khan  

Archive Box - 1 for every 18 cases

- Archive Boxes A, B.C        

Promotional Items

P1 Promo - P1 Kirk

General Distribution
P2 Promo - P2 Spock

Non Sport Update Magazine (Vol. ? No. ?)
P3 Promo - P3 McCoy

Album Exclusive
P4 Promo - P4 U.S.S. Enterprise

Philly Non Sport Show
- Sell Sheet  Sell sheet (digital download)
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