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Star Trek - 1967 Leaf
Star Trek - Leaf  

This is the first Star Trek set, regarded as the "Grandfather" of all Star Trek card sets. It was issued by the Leaf Brands Division, W R Grace and Co. in 1967. It is considered quite rare; a regional distribution area of Ohio and Illinois (the company was based in Chicago) and licensing issues that are believed to have forced a recall combined to limit the availability of the set. The set comprises 72 cards and is immediately recognizable for its black and white card fronts. Most of the backs have text which is pure fabrication and unrelated to any episode, let alone the images on the front of the cards. Many of them appear to have been written by someone who never saw an episode. Many of the images are not taken from the televised episodes but are either behind the scenes shots or publicity stills. The set was withdrawn from distribution shortly after its first release, making them very hard to find. The best grades of card #1 and #72 can sell for higher prices than the rest of the set due to the common practice of using a rubber band to hol dthe sets together, thereby damaging the first and last cards. It remains unclear how many cards were inserted into the packs with reports of either 1 or 3 being the case. These were printed on layered card stock (which can be identified upon close examination from the side).

There are two later reprint sets, the first distributed by Dan Kremer Imports. On 26th December 2019 I received an email from Richard Arnold (a former Star Trek consultant and assistant to Gene Roddenberry for 15 years until Gene's death in 1991) in which he revealed the following information regarding this reprint set:

"Dan [Kramer] was NEVER given permission by Paramount to do ANYTHING! When he started selling his uncut sheets and sets back in the ‘80s, we were onto him straight away. To make a very long [story] short, he ended up getting a cease and desist letter from the studios’ lawyers and ended up moving to Holland (where his wife was from). Suffice it to say that the so-called European set is nothing more than a modern reproduction, on modern card stock, and it's nothing more than a fraud (although sets do have a curiosity value of about $30 - $40). Sadly, a lot of fans got burned early on, as all of this happened before the internet."

There is a worthless hand-numbered "Certificate of Authenticity" for the unlicenced European set which states:

Certificate of Authenticity
1967 Leaf (European) Star Trek Set
This Star Trek Leaf card set was discovered in Europe in 1989 at a former card producer’s warehouse that has been in business since well before the 60’s. From the information provided to us, we understand that these were manufactured in cooperation with Leaf for European distribution only. Shortly thereafter, Desilu withdrew the contract with Leaf, due to contractual difficulty. Upon notification of the aforementioned problem, the European card manufacturer decided not to issue them and stored them in the warehouse where they have been until their re-discovery in 1989 by Dan Kremer, a European collectibles importer.

And on the reverse:

Upon examination, The European set exhibits the following differences to their American counterpart. The European sets were never gloss coated (very few European cards were ever gloss coated). The cutting was poorer than the American edition (the cutting machines in Europe were early outdated cutters from the U.S.) The camera work is slightly poorer (again, inferior cameras).
We hope you enjoy the very special previously unavailable set.
Dan Kremer Imports

The quality of these cards is greatly inferior to the original set. The images are slightly cropped by 1 or 2 mm from the original set and have quite blurry images on the front with a dull finish, and are printed on a single layer white card stock. They are also cut several milliimeters smaller on both the length and height.

The second unauthorized reprint set is marked on the back "1981 REPRINT" (replacing "LEAF BRANDS,") but also has the original 1967 copyright date, therefore these cannot be mistaken for the original set. These cards are printed on brilliant white stock and have crisp clear images, uncropped and exactly the same size as on the original set. The cards are also cut to the same size as the original set. Two versions of these sets exist, one with the red tinged Kirk & Spock image on the backs and the other with this same image in black & white. Uncut sheets of this "1981" set are reportedly also available.

The statistics below refer to the original U.S. set.

Manufacturer Date of release Production run Packs per box Cards per pack Card size
Leaf 1967 Not known 24 1 or 3 ? 23/8" x 37/16"
yellow   yellow yellow   yellow yellow   yellow
Base Set
1 Leaf 01 No Time For Escape
The U.S.S. Enterprise is ordered to rescue a scientific earth team from the dying planet Psi 2000. Captain Kirk orders the spacecraft to change course and race for Psi 2000. The rescue is too late. Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy beam down to the dying planet. They find the entire scientific team dead—frozen to death. They return to the spacecraft and the Enterpri se goes into orbit, observing the disintegration of Psi 2000.
25 Leaf 25 You're Kidding
Captain Kirk stares in disbelief as the crew members of a cargo ship are beamed aboard the Enterprise. The beautiful women are "prisoners" of Dr. Mudd. He gives them eternal youth and beauty with a special drug. One takes the chance offered by Kirk to give up the pill and to live naturally. She ages rapidly but slowly her inner peronality restores her beauty.
49 Leaf 49 Into a New World
Captain Kirk, Spock and crew members step off an elevator into a new world. Orbiting unknown planet Thorasian II, Kirk learns that any downward movement beams him onto the planet. He can return his crew if the ship moves upward. In one bone-jarring move, the Enterprise frees itself.
2 Leaf 02 Attempted Mutiny
The U.S.S. Enterprise orbits dying planet Psi 2000. The spacecraft is suddenly pulled closer and closer to the planet which may explode any minute. Crew members begin to act strangely. Helmsman Sulu believes he is an 18th century swordsman engaged in mutiny against Captain Kirk. The captain struggles to control Sulu until the power of Psi 2000 can be broken and the Enterprise escape in the safety of space.
26 Leaf 26 Beam Out
Captain Kirk stands in the Transporter Room ready to beam down to an Earth colony. It should be a routine mission but Kirk never materializes on the planet. Colonists report Kirk must have reversed his entry through their ion screen, thus neutralizing himself. The Enterprise uses its ion screen to block the planet's screen and return Captain Kirk.
50 Leaf 50 Tranquilized
Dr. McCoy finds himself tranquilized after giving a shot of the drug to creatures beamed aboard the Enterprise. He finds he reacts to anything he gives them. They do not react. They can repel external stimuli with the use of ion salts. Dr. McCoy bombards them with ion neutralizers to make them safe for man to communicate with, studying them.
3 Leaf 03 A Grup Appears
Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk meet a grup on a planet, a duplicate of Earth which has sent out a stellar S.O.S. Only children inhabit it. When they become adults or Grups, they go berserk and die—result of a strange attempt to prolong life. The Enterprise crew contract the experimental illness and are doomed until Dr. McCoy, fighting the deadly deadline finds a cure.
27 Leaf 27 Burn Out
Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock investigate a strange burning tunnel. They beam down after the Enterprise is veered sharply off course. Kirk discovers a magnetic mouse trap which captures a space craft, reduces it to scrap and burns the scrap—the brainchild of a mad scientist. Kirk defeats him in hand to hand combat and saves the Enterprise.
51 Leaf 51 Time for Shore Leave
Uhura relaxes and thinks about shore leave ordered after a scientific probe by the Enterprise. But her happiness is shattered when the starship is battered in a magnetic storm. All power fails. Communication is impossible. The Enterprise is a helpless planet in space until it tumbles out of the storm.
4 Leaf 04 Come In, Captain Kirk
Captain Kirk beams down to an unknown lanet with an exploratory force. When the starship loses contact, Mr. Spock orders a search. He beams down and finds Captain Kirk held by a mysterious magnetic force. Spock returns to the Enterprise and the crew computerize an opposing force which can be used via phaser. With this force at his command, Spock returns to the strange planet and frees Captain Kirk and his men.
28 Leaf 28 Interference Out
Sulu restrains Mr. Spock from going to the aid of Captai Kirk. The Captain returns from a visit to a little known planet with a violent, new personality. Gradually, he begins a painful reversal to his old self. Dr. McCoy warns that any display of sympathy would halt the transition. The crew watches helpless as he recovers.
52 Leaf 52 Ice Age
Dr. McCoy and Mr. Spock study the efefct of an ice age phenomenon which has destroyed an Earth Colony. The ice has solidified into a rocklike mass and the very air on the planet seems to be freezing. Suddenly the Enterprise's orbit begins to slow as it is caught in the thickening atmoshpere. It warps off to safety.
5 Leaf 05 Murasaki Mischief
Mr. Spock commands the shuttlecraft Galileo Seven on an exploration of Murasaki, 312, a quasar-like formation. The Galileo loses contact with the Enterprise and lands on Taurus II. Strange creatures attack the shuttlecraft, but the crew drain the energy of their phasers to get the shuttlecraft into orbit, then jettisons all remaining fuel, and ignites it. The Enterprise rescues the crew before Galileo Seven explodes.
29 Leaf 29 Not So Funny
Mr. Spock shows a rare moment of emotion as he llooks over a dirty Captain. Kirk has been changed into a mindless robot miner by a radiation beam. The crew seeks out the scientist responsible for this change. They find him in a deep undergound laboratory and force him to return their captain to the living.
53 Leaf 53 Ambushed
Captain Kirk and a small exploratory force are ambushed by underground creatures on a strange planet. They jam communications with the Enterprise, are unharmed by phasers. Kirk and his crew appear doomed. Then Kirk decides to leave the Galileo to talk with the creatures. Impressed by his bravery, and by his plea of peaceful exploration, the creatures release Kirk and his crew.
6 Leaf 06 Beam Down to Dawn
Mr. Spock stands ready in the Transporter Room, ready to beam down to Planet Beta 3000. He and Captain Kirk find themselves in an old Western town. The citizens worship a strange God, Landru. When they go berserk during a festival, kill a crew member, imprison Kirk and his crew, the Captain decides Landru must be destroyed. With help from a rebel, they find Landru and kill the god—a computer and save themselves and the citizens of Beta 3000.
30 Leaf 30 Prisoner of the Mind
Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock observe a prisoner who esacped from Tantalus Penal Colony. They soon learn he has been subjected to light waves which made him a prisoner of the mind of the colony director. Kirk is bombarded with the waves and almost becomes a prisoner until he is rescued by the Enterprise crew and the director is killed.
54 Leaf 54 Pain of Victory
The Enterprise enters an asteroid shower and crew members come down with a strange disease. Dr. McCoy, although ill himself, tests various drugs on himself with no success. He must work fast as crew members are dying. He finally suggests a time reversal through the asteroid shower and the disease is destroyed.
7 Leaf 07 Beside Himself
Captain Kirk investigates, an exact duplicate of himself. It is an android, created by a mad scientist. He threatens to make androids of all human beings. In fact, his own staff is android copies of the original beings. Kirk attempting to escape, discovers that the scientist is himself an android. The android scientist is destroyed in a fight and the real Kirk, returns to the Enterprise.
31 Leaf 31 Stalking a Killer
Captain Kirk, phaser ready, seeks a killer among his crew. Microbes, apparently picked up at the last stop of the Enterprise, caused a crew member to go berserk. He promises to kill every crew member and begins keeping his word until Kirk seeks him out and destroys him in a turbo lift.
55 Leaf 55 Cornered
Dr. McCoy is cornered by giant microbes which invade the Enterprise. Nothing harms them until Dr. McCoy fires ion vaccine into them. This stuns the microbes enough so that crew members can kill them. One by one the horrible creatures are hunted down in the Enterprise and killed.
8 Leaf 08 Back Through Time
Uhura stands in the Transporter Room, ready to join Captain Kirk in a search for Dr. McCoy. "Bones" accidentally took an overdose of cordbrazen [sic] and entered a time vortex. This changes history forever until he can be found. Spock's tricorder enables Kirk and Uhura to find Dr. McCoy in America in the 1930's. Returning him to the Enterprise sets history correct again.
32 Leaf 32 The Earth Killer
On an uninhabited planet, Kirk finds a creature plotting the destruction of Erath. Kikr is no match for this giant physically. His phaser is inoperative. He fights the creature to distract it to allow the Enterprise rescue crew to destroy its laboratory. Then the creature becomes a frightened lizard-like animal which impales itself on a cactus.
56 Leaf 56 Jungle Hunt
The Enterprise is driven to take refuge on a tiny jungle planet with tiny wild animals only seen in books. Captain Kirk attempts to capture a few of the tiny creatures for an Earth zoo. He is mauled by a miniature lion but is saved when Mr. Spock kills the beast with his phaser.
9 Leaf 09 Horta Emerging
Mining colony on Janus reports deadly attacks by giant monster. Enterprise investigation party beams down. Kirk and Spock track the monster to the 23rd level when they wound it with a phaser. Spock uses telepathy to communicate with it and learns it is a Horta which moves through rock like humans through air. Miners had destroyed its eggs and it killed in revenge. Peace is restored by Kirk and the Horta becomes a valuable natural miner for Earth.
33 Leaf 33 Fight for Lithium
The deflector's heat-up causes a lithium crystal circuit to burn out and the Enterprise will soon be without power. Kirk beams down to a mining colony to obtain crystals. He discovers the miners refuse to sell except on their own terms. Kirk realizes the men hope to control space by controlling lithium. He kills one and the others give him power.
57 Leaf 57 Collision Course
The Enterprise is on a collison course with an unidentified object. When Kirk orderes the Starship to turn, the object turns. When the starcraft comes to a stop, so does the object. The object, a cube-like thing begins to close the distance when Kirk orders its destruction with a phaser beam and the Enterprise continues on.
10 Leaf 10 Spock's Box
On a routine mission to deliver medical supplies to an earth colony in a distant solar system, the Enterprise leaves its course to check strange signals. Kirk orders an investigation party beamed down to a blue planet. But Mr. Spock checks his library computer. It reveals signals from an intergalactic noise dispersary, developed by Snards before these warlike creatures were destroyed in a war to conquer the galaxy in an insurance of peace.
34 Leaf 34 Destruction Decision
The Enterprise is surrounded by a swarm of tiny spacecraft. One of the miniature craft is as helpless as a fly against the starcraft but thousands of them jam its navigational instruments. The tiny craft are from a warring planet quarantined by the Federation. Kirk seeks a peaceful solution but is forced to order destruction of the craft.
58 Leaf 58 Corbomite Maneuver
Comander of the flagship Fesarius threatens to destroy the Enterprise in ten minutes. Kirk cannot outmaneuver the Fesarius. With but two minutes to go, Kirk tries a desperate move. He warns the Fesarius that the Enterprise has Carbonite [sic] that repels and destroys any destructive force. The bluff works and the Fesarius departs.
11 Leaf 11 Spock in Command (seated at helm)
Mr. Spock takes command of the Enterprise when communications with Captain Kirk in a planet are lost. Spock's orders are to warp out of orbit if no word is received from the captain in 24 hours. The Vulcanian refuses to obey. He keeps the Starship orbiting despite strange variations in power. Kirk returns after a fatiguing battle with a space monster to praise Spock, at least once, for disobedience.
35 Leaf 35 Return My Ship
Invisible beings beam aboard the Enterprise and plan to take it beyond our galaxy. The beings are impossible to fight since no one knows where they are. Kirk reasons that if they command the ship, they must be in the control room. He faces nothing but orders the return of his craft. The beings, impressed at his bravery, surrender.
59 Leaf 59 You Give Me a Headache
Dr. McCoy is amused as he gives Captain Kirk an instant headache. He has developed this strange new ability so the Enterprise crew can hold back a warring band of creatures holding Earth Colonists captives. When the captives are free, Dr. McCoy frees the enemy from its headaches and Kirk makes peace with them.
12 Leaf 12 Spock in Command (standing)
After the appearance of an unrecorded planet, Captain Kirk disappears. Mr. Spock takes command, ordering a party down to the strange planet. They find Kirk a prisoner of General Trelane who will release the Captain only if defeated by him in a duel. Kirk shows great force but it is not enough to defeat the power of Trelane. When Kirk is about to be killed, strange lights order Trelane to release Kirk and "come in now."
36 Leaf 36 Frozen at the Controls
The Enterprise picks up survivors of a crash, apparently unhurt. Soon the crew becomes paralyzed, Spock frozen at his station. Dr. McCoy reports the survivors immune to but carry a paralyzing disease . Isolate them, he says, and it may turn upon them, releasing the crew. Kirk is doubtful but the plan works and his crew is saved.
60 Leaf 60 Shore Leave Surprise
Dr. McCoy is beamed down to an earthlike planet for a shore leave, and is attacked by a black knight . Others report equally strange happenings. The planet caretaker explains it is an amusement park and says he was not aware fear is always in minds of Earth people. Convinced it is safe, Kirk orders shore leave for his entire crew.
13 Leaf 13 Befuddled Bones
Dr. McCoy works feverishly to learn what strange disease has befallen Earth colonists on a far planet. Enterprise visitors on a routine stop have contracted the disease which is spreading rapidly through the crew of the Starship. Captain Kirk orders "Bones" to try any remedy he develops on him. Dr. McCoy refuses. Checking all findings carefully, he tests the remedy on himself first. His calculation are correct, It works.
37 Leaf 37 Christmas Present
The Enterprise Christmas Party is interrupted by an unwelcome present—invasion by a wild creature who beams aboard. It is enraged at the sight of happiness. A spray anesthetic downs the creature but before Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy can examine it, it disintegrates into a fine, purle, metallic powder.
61 Leaf 61 Killer Aboard
Yeoman Rand sits in horror after being chased by a killer intruder on the Enterprise. Strange mad creature beamed aboard the starship from minor planet. It kills many crew members before it is cornered in the control room. It threatens to take command until the yeoman can distract it enough so that Captain Kirk can kill it with his phaser.
14 Leaf 14 Prepare to Fire Phasers
An alien vessel begins pursuit of the U.S.S. Enterprise. The craft has the strange power to dematerialize, to blot itself out of communications with the Starship. Kirk orders defensive maneuvers. With what odd signals Uhura can find, Kirk plots its attack on the Enterprise. If his calculations are correct, he knows where the vessel is despite proof of the facts. He orders phasers fired. A violent blue flash tells him he was correct.
38 Leaf 38 Amnesia Victim
Mr. Spock's library recorder develops amnesia, reporting only isolated, unrelated facts. Spock reasons the Enterprise has entered a time void where there is no yesterday, today or tomorrow. He says the ship must attempt a time warp, backward or forward. Kirk issues an order. The craft lurches violently across centuries before settling into the present.
62 Leaf 62 Mindless Man
Captain Kirk strains to think but his mind is a complete blank. Every thinking capacity of his brain has been stopped by a ray from creatures on a distant planet. Helplessly, the captain wanders the alien planet. If just one thought can enter his mind—he sees a flower and thinks how small it is. He is saved.
15 Leaf 15 Command Decision
Captain Kirk knows only too well the loneliness of command. Now he must decide whether or not to order the Enterprise off its routine course. It may endanger the 400 persons aboard of he does. If he does not, Earth may lose a most valuable scientist. He orders the craft off course. It veers to an isolated earth outpost, picks up the scientist and warps out of its orbit around the planet as it begins breaking up. None too soon the Enterprise escapes.
39 Leaf 39 Decoy
The Enterprise visits an Earth Colony and discovers a mutiny. Mr. Spock pretends to abandon the Enterprise and seeks the mutineers. The trick works. They welcome him and he is able to transmit identities and location to Captain Kirk. He is discovered and threatened with death in a lava pit but rescuers from the starship arrive to save him.
63 Leaf 63 Pirates at Bay
The Enterprise encounters a derelict spacecraft and Mr. Spock's library computer reports it is a pirate craft. Its captain announces he intends to demobilize the Enterprise, board her and take command. Kirk calls for battle stations and battle begins. But the Enterprise manages to destroy the pirates.
16 Leaf 16 Kirk Battles a Gorn
Kirk is held captive of the Metrons. He can only save the Enterprise and its crew if he kills the captain of an alien vessel, a Gorn. It is a fierce battle of brain of man over brawn of a reptillian. With primitive resources, Kirk builds an explosive and wounds the Gorn. But he refuses to kill it. The Metron, surprised at finding mercy in man, frees both to solve problems in a peaceful manner.
40 Leaf 40 Beyond Tomorrow
Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock brief the Enterprise crew on a mission into the future. The Starcraft will attempt to cross the threshold of tim, to prevent a future intergalactic war. Kirk notes the crew will see new strange sights, remember nothing. No record can be made of the trip. Only men of the future will know if their mission is successful.
64 Leaf 64 Off Course
Captain Kirk discovers that no matter what course he sets, the Enterprise veers off. He soon learns that the starship is being towed by an alien ship toward a collision course with a dead planet. Kirk orders every ounce of power diverted to break the tow. He succeeds but the craft barely manages to make it to a friendly planet.
17 Leaf 17 Phaser Daser
Strange creatures materialize aboard the Enterprise. They threaten to destroy the craft. They can make themselves invisible at will and can only be attacked by phasers when clearly seen. Kirk using Yeoman Rand as a decoy, plots to lure them into his sight. At first the deadly creatures appear only when Rand is alone. But Kirk corners their leader by tpretending to be the Yeoman and saves the Enterprise.
41 Leaf 41 Trapped
Mr. Spock finds himself the target of an enemy ion fuser. He remembers that the enemy deadly as they are, have a sense of humor. If he can distract them with a joke. Almost humorless himself, he tries desperately to remember an Earth joke. At last, he remembers—"Why does a chicken cross the road?"
65 Leaf 65 Attack by Nothing
Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock appear hypnotized by what no other crew member can see. Dr. McCoy tries to talk with the two officers. There is no answer. He injects them with a mind-dulling drug and from this nothing slowly restores their minds to normal. This frees them from whatever strange power they contacted.
18 Leaf 18 Space Race
Kirk challenges Mr. Spock to a game of space chess. He is confident he can defeat the Vulcanian because he has the emotions of Earth Man. Spock plays with the cool, emotionlessness of his ancestry. To him it is a game of logic. To Kirk, it is a game of logic, too, but with the emotion of winning thrown in. Spock is winning easily. But Kirk, caring about victory, wins.
42 Leaf 42 Kirk Outside Spock Inside
Crew members of the Enterprise stare in confusion. They see Captain Kirk bu the personality is Mr. Spock. The two officers exploring an unknown rock planet are trapped for several hours in a cavern. When they are rescued their personalities are switched. Dr. McCoy returns them to normal with ion shock treatments.
66 Leaf 66 Funny Little Enemies
Captain Kirk stares in amusement at the funny little creatures who have beamed aboard the Enterprise. He does not notice that while he watches, other tiny creatures take control of the starship. Almost too late he discovers what is happening. Then his crew begins exterminating the little things like flies and save the ship.
19 Leaf 19 Fight Fire With Fire
Mr. Spock is cornered in a deep cave by the war-loving inhabitants of a minor but troublesome planet . Out of touch with the Enterprise, with his phaser out of action, Spock decides to fight fire with fire. Using only the crude weapons he finds around him, he stalks the creatures through the dark corridors. One by one, he defeats them, proving that he can fight with battle ax or phaser.
43 Leaf 43 Spock Takes a Job
Mr. Spock is stranded during a time warp on Earth in 1923 . He takes a job as a janitor and is amazed at the lack of intelligence of the people around him. He could teach them so much but he cannot do so because this would change history. He is rescued when the Enterprise relocates him.
67 Leaf 67 Poison Attack!
Dr. McCoy checks intensity of poison gas being pumped through the Enterprise oxygen system. There is no time to locate the source of the gas. Dr. McCoy rigs up a gas trap drawing all the air through phaser beams. The crew is saved and kills the intruders with the gas.
20 Leaf 20 Captain's Bluff
Dr. McCoy stares in disbelief at the creature which has been beamed aboard the Enterprise. Captain Kirk warns it that he will destroy it if it moves into his ship. The creature changes into a pattern of blinking lights. Kirk stands firm, not knowing whether he is fcaing one creature or now more than one. Slowly he advances on the lights. One careful step forward at a time. He wins the game as the lights fade away.
44 Leaf 44 Kirk Held Hostage
Galileo 7 with Captain Kirk aboard collides with an unknown space craft . Mr. Spock examines the wreckage but finds no bodies. Metal is also strangely unlike that of Galileo 7. Spock learns Kirk is being held hostage and will be exchanged for another crew member. Dr. McCoy disguises himself and leads a resuce party to Captain Kirk.
68 Leaf 68 Warp Out for Rescue
The U.S.S. Enterprise warps out of orbit around a friendly planet to answer a distress call. Earth colonists are marooned after collision with a meteor. They are on a small hostile planet with insufficient atmosphere for life. Captain Kirk orders the Enterprise off course and rescues them with minutes to spare.
21 Leaf 21 Underground Pursuit
Captain Kirk on an unknown planet crwals cautiously through a brightly lit cave. He is seeking a strange power that holds the Enterprise frozen in orbit. Suddenly, Kirk realizes that the power he seeks is the light itself. Half blinded by its brilliance, he struggles forward, fights with his bare hands, shattering it into a thousand lights that dim out—the death of the power.
45 Leaf 45 Big Joker
Mr. Spock is again the dead center target of an enemy ion fuser. He has escaped the deadly foe once by playing on their love of humor. Now, in his humorless manner, he struggles to remember another Earth joke. Onc was difficult enough to recall . Two he does not know if he can do. Suddenly, "Why do some men wear suspenders?"
69 Leaf 69 Out of Control
Captain Kirk goes crazy after a mad scientist attempts to split his personality. Kirk kills the scientist in a fight and the cure for Kirk goes to the grave with him. The Captain changes from good to evil. Mr. Spock suggests the crew think good and this effort at telepathy saves Kirk.
22 Leaf 22 The Bird
Captain Kirk attempts to infiltrate a race of strange birdlike creatures which threaten an earth colony. He hopes to move unnoticed through them, find their leader and destroy it. Clawed by many who identify the inturder, he fights through and finds the leader, a giant pulsating egg, and crushes it. He is attacked but saved by Mr. Spock.
46 Leaf 46 A Scream of Pain
Captain Kirk screams in pain. He is about to use his phaser on an enemy. His wrist becomes unberably hot. He drops the phaser. The enemy is using a thermomagnetic device which can be directed to any point. Kirk must counter with an Alpha anti-magnetic deflection screen. Then he can fight and defeat the enemy.
70 Leaf 7 Return to the Living
The Enterprise warps into orbit around a desert planet, Tarantus II. The crew rescues a famous scientist reported dead for years but found alive. The Enterprise returns him to earth where his knowledge of survival on the hostile planet will save the lives of many spacemen in the future.
23 23 Teeny Bopper
A weird gas causes Mr. Spock to believe he is a 1967 Teeny-Bopper. Dr. McCoy attempts to restrain him. There appears no antidote. Kirk becomes annoyed and shouts at his officer. The sound of authority, spoken like an angry father, jolts Mr. Spock. He rebels at first, then returns slowly to his own personality.
47 Leaf 47 Captain's Statue
Captain Kirk stands like a statue. His personality has been drained from his body and placed in a small memory pill. It will be used to give a personality to a robot. Dr. McCoy invades the laboratory of the mad man who created the robots. Mr. Spock holds the scientist at bay with a phaser until the doctor can release Kirk.
71 Leaf 71 Space Prisoner
Marauders from the far side of the galaxy, make the Enterprise a prisoner, floating helplessly, all power cut off. The craft will be released if it joins the marauders. Kirk refuses and says he has a germ which can multiply and destroy everything within 24 hours. Fear of this brings release.
24 Leaf 24 Time Warp
Sulu reports the Enterprise is entering a time warp. Almost out of control , the craft swings though tim. Kirk forbids a distress signal for fear he will disrupt history. He waits for the moment bhe can call aid. For a moment the ship passes through the present and Kirk is able to obtain aid for the next swing into the present.
48 Leaf 48 Call Me Senator
Mr. Spock believes himself a Roman Senator when a time debilitating drug is dropped into the drinking water of the Enterprise. There is no cure but the progression of time itself. However, it can be speeded up by forcing a person's mind to believe in the rapid escalation of time.
72 Leaf 72 Raspberries
Yeoman Janice Rand is angry at the Captain. He tells her that she has eaten so many wild raspberries on the planet the Enterprise visits he may cut down on her rations. The raspberries turn out to be drugged. Dr. McCoy makes a counter drug and saves the crew from dying.
Comparison of the fronts of different releases from L to R: Original Leaf - Kremer Bootleg - 1981 Reprint
Leaf Comparison Fronts  
Comparison of the backs of different releases from L to R: Original Leaf - Kremer Bootleg - 1981 Reprint
Leaf Comparison Backs  
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